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Joel Osteen Says New Radio Show Will Show A ‘Different Side of Them’

Pastor Joel Osteen allegedly says that listeners on his new radio show will see a personal side of his family. 

However, we don’t think that’s necessary.  God wants he and his wife…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Joel Osteen Severely Misquotes Bible In Facebook Post

You know, it doesn’t surprise us what twisted philosophy Joel Osteen puts out, in our opinion he’s not anointed like his late father, John Osteen. 

He maybe a good motivational speaker, but a preacher, not called…Read full article, here.




Is Joel Osteen Charging $850 per Ticket While on Tour? Shame, Shame…

It’s a shame Pastor Joel Osteen is allegedly charging $850 for people to come hear him preach. 

Do you recall how money was stolen from his safe at his church and we assumed it could have been an inside job?   This is possibly why, greed, pure greed and God is…Read full article, here.



Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Pastor Joel Osteen to Meet with the Pope

Pastor Joel Osteen is supposed to allegedly meet with the pope, along with two others. 

Of course, this does not surprise us, because there is a discreet society among the elites to create a One World Church.  This is one…Read full article, here.


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Joel Osteen explains the reason Millennials are Becoming Less Religious

We are so tired of Joel Osteen talking out of two sides of his mouth.

Now, he wants to point the finger at millennials and explain why they are becoming less religious?  Really?  Like a lot of churches, he has a…Read full article, here.


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Joel Osteen Ministries Warns People About Fake Facebook Accounts Asking for Money

After theft, Pastor Joel Osteen warns people about fake Facebook accounts. 

However, we assume he should have been done so, simply because many of us who have a FB account have already been asked for…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Joel Osteen Twisted Confession on Larry King About Homosexuality

We could imagine Lakewood Church would be a place on fire for God right now, if another pastor was chosen to take John Osteen’s place instead of Joel. 

We say it, because Larry King interviewed Joel Osteen and he admitted he teaches homosexuality is a sin, but…Read full article, here.


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Joel Osteen Discuss Coming Out in Support of Gay Marriage on Katie Couric’s Talk Show

We thought Joel Osteen allegedly made it clear, he did not condone homosexuality. 

However, it’s pretty strange, he seems to be melting down to be accepted by those don’t like fire and…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Pastor Joel Osteen Not Angry at Prankster who started Internet Hoax

Joel Osteen allegedly says he’s not angry at the guy who started an Internet hoax, spreading a lie that he left Christianity.  

Although, Lakewood Church is looking into this website, Pastor Osteen says he does not…Read full article, here.


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Lakewood Church Sued By Secular Band, The American Dollar

Well, it looks like this couple is reaping what they sowed.  Do you recall the incident on the plane when Gloria Osteen allegedly physically attacked a flight attendant.  The attendant claimed Gloria shoved and shouted at her.  They even went to trial and the Osteen’s won and were very happy they did not have to pay the flight attendant the money she previously requested for the alleged assault.   Now, there church is in trouble and they are being sued again for using a secular song past its’ expiration date.  One question, what was Lakewood doing making a deal with this secular group in the first place, being born again Christians they are supposed to deal with people who know Christ and only Christian music should be heard during church services and on their broadcasts.   So, the $3 million dollars that is being requested by the secular group, The American Dollar should not be a problem for their church to pay, for the couple not only offended the flight attendant, but they both have violated the Kingdom of God.