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  • Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church Win Copyright Lawsuit: Is This God’s Doing?

    Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church Win Copyright Lawsuit: Is This God’s Doing?

    If you recall, the wife of Joel Osteen, Victoria Osteen won a lawsuit that was filed against her for allegedly and violently throwing flight attendant against the airplane’s bathroom door, Shannon Brown back in 2006, according to Fox News.  Now, the Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church has won another lawsuit for using a song,“Signaling through the Flames,” written by Richard Cupolo and John Emanuele.  They were accused of using the song after a year’s time past the expiration date of the copyright agreement.  They were suing for $3 million dollars.  The average person whom profess salvation may think God is on this couple’s side, but that is not necessarily so. There are ministers of the gospel whom are allegedly serving the wrong god and if they made a discreet pact with Satan, they will seem as though everything has been working in their favor.  We are not saying that Joel and Victoria Osteen are Satan worshipers, but according to reports, they both seem to have offended and mistreated people and not allegedly made peace with them.  These rich and famous preachers of mega ministries many times win their court cases, because of their money and who they know in the judicial system, not necessarily because they know God.  Therefore, if they have not done these people right in both cases, God will give them a worse judgement they were suppose to get while on earth.   We do not wish anything on this couple, but Joel and Victoria Osteen seem to be like many celebrity pastors or mega ministries, they seem to think they are above the law, we could be wrong, but it does not look right for them to win both lawsuits without any of the other parties being compensated for what they claim was not right, according to the law.

    You see, this is why a lot of people do not have a lot to do with the church these days.  It seems like many of these popular ministers are loved by God more than people when they do not treat people right and compromise in a lawsuit, if they know they are wrong.   God is not pleased with…Read full article, here.

  • Satanic Illuminati: Should Christians Work for Corporate America?

    Satanic Illuminati: Should Christians Work for Corporate America?

    For decades, the body of Christ has believed the best way to earn decent wages is to work an honest 9 to 5 job, but the reality has been for a very long time, any born again believer is not working a legitimate job, if they are working for corporate America.  There have been many Presidents of multi-million and billion dollar Fortune 500 companies that are Satan worshipers.   Employees who are a part of the body of Christ  have been employed by these companies until retirement or just to get wages for so many years while enduring a lot of emotional abuse from these businesses and organizations. It may not necessarily be because of race, age or gender, but because you are a child of God. Therefore, Satan knows who the children of God are and he has had an agenda to destroy you, especially if you are working and depending on him for wages.  There are many high ranking employers who are a part of the Satanic Illuminati.  They may look like they are ordinary individuals when in fact, they are workers of Satan, out to create conflicts with children of God.   If you have been working in corporate America and it seems like you have not been able to get ahead in life, it is a great possibility, you are not suppose to be there.  Most Chief Executive Officers and Presidents are wicked people and they have past down there satanic influences to their descendants who have many times inherited their positions as head of these corporations.