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Why are some people comparing Nelson Mandela to Jesus Christ?

Do you as a born again believer compare the late South African leader, Nelson Mandela to Jesus Christ? 

If so, a British journalist says to stop doing it.   Do you recall us forewarning you from doing the same with Dr. Martin Luther King’s memory in one of our previous articles?  As we’ve told you…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Black Church News: Illinois Black Pastors Rejoice for Jesus Christ After Gay Marriage Bill Fails

Saints of God, it is certainly time to rejoice.   Pastor James Meeks and the rest of his fellow black pastors of Illinois say, ‘Today Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Has Won’.  

Now see what God will do for our land?  He will clean up America, once men and women of God stand firm against sin before the nation…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


University Apologizes for Stomping Jesus: Black Church Can you Believe It?

Now what would possess any professor to create such an assignment that instructs his or her students to write down the Son of God’s name, ‘Jesus’ and stomp the paper?  

As our Word informs us, hell is in the bowels of the earth.  SCR readers, we believe that whomever does not accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior will be on an assignment for Satan to…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Video: Kristine McGuire, ghost hunter of the occult now living for Jesus Christ

Kristine McGuire’s story about how she ceased being a ghost hunter and dabbling in the occult really is a true testimony of deliverance. 

She considered herself a Christian, although she was a witch, according to this following…Read full article, here.

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ExConformist Blogger Kebony Smith Deals with ‘The Betrayal Before the Cross’ [Part 2]

Judas Iscriaot

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ExConformist Blogger Kebony Smith Deals with ‘The Betrayal Before the Cross’ [Part 2]

Take a look at Kebony smith’s Part 2 of ‘The Betrayal Before Jesus’ Part 2:

…Could God be doing the same thing in us as He did Jesus? Could there be purpose in our pain? Often times God uses our disappointment, discomfort and heartache to refine us, but I know that’s the last thing we want to hear when we are going through something.

ExConformist Blogger Kebony Smith Deals with ‘The Betrayal Before the Cross’

Jesus and Judas Iscariot

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The Betrayal Before the Cross by Kebony Smith

One of our contributing writers, Kebony Smith has started a blog and and did a wonder post on ‘The Betrayal Before the Cross” Part 1 and 2. We know you will like what she has to say about Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.

Pastor Efrem Buckle Deals With Death in a Beautiful Way [VIDEO]

beautiful death

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Pastor Efrem Buckle Deals With Death in a Beautiful Way [VIDEO]

We want to thank Real Christianity site for this update.

We thought this was a great video and the words from the pastor are very powerful. It deals with how we approach death and compares it to the death of Jesus Christ. He reminds us that we shall still live because Christ, our redeemer lives. If we have the assurance that we live for Christ, we shall live. And by knowing this, we should never be afraid of death.

Washington State Legislature Votes to Approve Same-Sex Marriage, But God Is Not Finished Winning This Battle With Satan

We have just gotten the news from CNN that the state of Washington will be approving same-sex marriage, but God is not finished winning this battle with Satan.  God is waiting for His children to unite and pray against this demonic warfare.  Homosexuality is a sin and not right in the eyes of God.   God has been dealing with this stubborn demon of homosexuality since ancient times and Satan has made it worse by trying to empower gays and lesbians to marry as though it is alright, but in God’s eyes, it is not alright according to His Word.   Let us remind you, God has biblical laws and if we do not follow them, Satan will continue to have control over peoples lives and when tragedy occurs, they cannot expect to call on God, then.  Why?  Because they did not completely follow His commandments. We will reveal those commandments against homosexuality among humanity in a moment, but for now we want to discuss this why God wants born again believers to unite, fast and pray.

Spiritual Warfare in DFW: Fort Worth Transit Bans Faith Ads

It is not surprising to discover that this Fort Worth transit agency is opposed to faith-based advertisements. Last month, Atheist groups and the Catholic League had a billboard discrepancy in New York, and now Satan’s puppets are opposing a public ad in Texas.

Although some atheists claim they are not Satanists, it seems they are very controlled by a demonic force, which blocks Godly messages from reaching other lost souls who may want Christ in their lives.

Good Health, Good Wealth

The one thing that we all need more than anything is good health. We can not be successful at anything without it. Our society stresses good health on t.v, radio and in magazines. It is more than just a fad its true reality. Though I agree that everyone that sells a health food product or exercise machine, is just trying to promote it and make money; the truth is we must find a balance in our lives to incorporate good health. While good health is invested in our everyday lives, we will find strength and courage to face another day and reach our goals.

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