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Alleged Ancient Demons of Homosexuality Within GMWA: Why Do They Remain Among Men and Women?

Although, we honor and respect the legacy of the late Rev. James Cleveland, we are sympathetic to how God feels about how many men and women experienced their first sexual relationship with a person of the same sex who were alleged members of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir.   We have received anonymous tips on various members whom were innocent at one time, but eventually began a sexual relationship with the same sex whom were also alleged members of the mass choir or a minister of a church.   It is very nasty and sickening to hear these alleged reports, but we must reveal the truth.   Possibly, many black men and women would have never known about homosexuality, if they had not joined GMWA.   The organization allegedly has a history of condoning same sex relationships, even though members never were so proud to boast publicly about their sexual identity, but only flaunt it.

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