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Kirk Franklin: A Tainted Product of Promoter Vicki Mack Reigns Acceptance in Church

Kirk Franklin: A Tainted Product of Promoter Vicki Mack Reigns Acceptance in Church

We think Kirk Franklin should just hang up his tainted Christian style and just go out into the world and do his thing! Even though technically he’s already in the world with his sassy, hip hop sounds straight from the bubblegum gospel machine, he really clowned on the American Idol show. He had American Idol contestant Jacob Lusk and singer Gladys Knight singing along with his new song “I Smile”. He did his usual clown act on stage while encouraging the singers to groove the more while he dances around like ” look at me… i need attention.” With his vain and childish performance, it does nothing close to honoring nor worshiping Jesus.

Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Now Talks Morals About A Generation He Helped Lose Focus

Kirk Franklin- Photo courtesy of

Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Now Talks Morals About A Generation He Helped Lose Focus

We  just heard about this little 5 minute video that provides some damaging information to Kirk Franklin’s image. Well, not really because in our opinion, he’s done this already a long time ago when he decided to corrupt the name of Jesus with his, what we call, ‘Bubble Gum Gospel’. This video we found shows Franklin speaking as an adult and recognizing the problems in the world amongst young people. He calls this generation of young people “cynical, desensitized, hopeless, cold- hearted and lost their sense of believing”.

Satanic Illuminati Preachers: Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis

Satanic Illuminati Preachers: Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis

Here are two more preachers of mega ministries who think their Satan worship is a secret within the church world, not so. We come to educate you about what they are doing to be able to live the lavish lifestyle of wealth like most celebrities who reveal the same Satanic Corna hand signs.  In prior articles, we revealed the video that reveals who has been so bold to give Satan honor in the media, both black and white people.   Yes, it is true what Michael Jackson said, it sure does not matter if you are black or white, and we have added, if your soul is not right with Christ, you are definitely on your way to hell, black, white or any other race.

Illuminati Ministries:Pat Roberts of 700 Club and Kenneth Copeland Are Satanists

One of our head journalists discovered this following video on You Tube. But before we reveal the link to you, we want to inform you why you should not be following these millionaire preachers or TV hosts of mega ministries. It is a great possibility that they are followers of other ministers who sold their souls to the Devil and are not followers of Jesus Christ.  These two ministers have been perpetrating for years as if they are spirit-filled Christians.  Long time television producer and host of the Christian Broadcasting Network, (CBN), The 700 Club, Pat Robertson even denied he ever spoke in tongues (denial of being filled with the spirit) when he ran for President back in the 1980’s.  Kenneth Copeland and his wife, Gloria seemed as though they are truly saved through Jesus Christ, but look at what you will see on this video, Kenneth showing the Satanic horn in the camera. What a shame! He’s not saved but he is a child of Satan.

Illuminati Alert: A Call For Righteous African Americans to Avoid Black Community Issues

For the last several months, we have allowed our editorial department to do articles on what is going on within the black church, racial issues and separation among black couples.  However, at our latest meeting for journalists and editors, we have decided to make it known to African Americans who are truly righteous that they should re-evaluate their involvement with issues within the black community.  Why?

Alleged Satanic Preacher of the Illuminati, Bishop T. D. Jakes

Bishop T. D. Jakes was once a small time preacher in the Apostolic church, but when he began taking the position as a pastor, then bishop, he started to want fame and fortune, it was not necessarily his focus to save souls for Jesus Christ, anymore.  Bishop T. D. Jakes and his wife Serita are living off of millions of dollars, because they sold their souls to Satan.  They are the representation of what was written in the book of Revelation, God said in the last days His house would become the church of Satan and unfortunately, many black preachers who got greedy for more wealth yearned to be like white preachers on national television and they discovered what they did to get more wealthy, they sold their soul to Satan.  On this video we discovered on You Tube, we see that Bishop T. D. Jakes has been bold enough to do a 666 A OK sign and the baphomet horn sign, in a 30 second span of time.

Kirk Franklin Rebukes Gospel Music Artist Lifestyles Like He’s So Holy

Mr. Kirk Franklin has been seen on this You Tube video preaching as though he is familiar with righteousness. On a prior article, we revealed to you how Franklin has been caught doing Illuminati hand signals; how can one serve Satan and serve God? Also, Kirk Franklin has gotten so much press attention from previously being addicted to pornography, it’s sickening.  When one of our field journalists brought this specific video to our attention, all we heard was a lot of yelling and showing off as if he is so set a part from the world, not so.

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