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Would Yolanda Adams Do ‘Jesus Walks’ with Kanye West Now

Would Yolanda Adams Do ‘Jesus Walks’ with Kanye West Now

Originally posted: Feb. 3, 2011

We took a look at the performance of Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” featuring Yolanda Adams. We really had not seen the performance they did on the BET Awards 2004 but heard about it. We thought we’d pose the question to you all: ‘Would Yolanda Adams do ‘Jesus Walks’ with Kanye West now?

Satanic Illuminati: Is Amy Grant An Alleged Satanist, Revealing The Corna Hand Signal?

Jeff Godwin allegedly reveals to us on this following video that Amy Grant could be among other christian rock music artists who are saluting Satan during their performances.   If you have listened to Amy Grant’s music, possibly you think she is just blending in with the times among other contemporary christian music artists.  However, it does not look right even if she claims it is innocent.   Although, we are not saying Amy Grant is a Satan worshiper, we are clearly saying what she is doing on this following video, is not something that should be shown while representing God’s music.   This hand sign she does is similar to Anton Lavey, former deceased founder and leader of the Church of Satan.

Satanic Illuminati: Didn’t Gospel Artist John P. Kee Pray About “Yes We Can”, First?

When you listen to John P. Kee’s version of “Yes We Can”, you have got to wonder as a man of God didn’t he sense an alleged demonic spirit behind the words of the song?   Allegedly, when you back mask “Yes We Can”, it repeats, “Thank you Satan”.   Now, it is easy for anyone to not know, but when you are truly called by God, you will sense an evil spirit in anything that may come in your presence.  Why?   Because when you are a child of God, you know God’s Word says to try and test every spirit to see if they are of God.  Pastor John P. Kee maybe a gospel music artist, but he is also a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  John P. Kee is a pastor, you can see his New Life Fellowship website here.  Now, at the end of this article, we want you to just listen to both of these videos and tell us what you think.

Satanic Illuminati Video Shows We Are Living In The End Times

This following clip found on You Tube reveals we are definitely living in the last days.   It is not just the demonic music you should forewarn your children, entire family and even close friends to stop listening to, but also it is coverage that reveal people working on jobs, having computer chips placed underneath their skin for identity instead of using a regular identity card.   Then, there is further coverage in that same segment that describes how scientists are trying to create computer chips to control human beings, in other-wards they desire to make humans, robots.   If you are a child of the King, you have nothing to fear, because Satan has no control over God’s children; however, you should always be in alert.  Also, be very ready for Jesus Christ to return for us.

Satanic Illuminati: The Absence of The Holy Cross In American Churches

Let us not play dumb, the globes popping up in churches everywhere across America for more than the past 20 years did not just appear for no reason.   The absence of the Holy Cross that is the symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ disappeared for pastors to reveal to the secret societies that they have fulfilled their membership have placed the globe in their churches as a sign in support for the New World Order, allegedly.   For instance, those of you who watched various famous ministers preaching in their churches and it seems as though they are teaching at a seminar, it was all a plan among those who were in favor of joining the Satanic Illuminati that would offer them to tap in on the other side of darkness to gain more fame and fortune.   It was not just a coincidental trend. 

Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministers Could Never Help Dr. Zachery Tims, If His Soul Was Possibly a Blood Sacrifice

Note: We are not saying that any of these ministers were connected to this possible blood sacrifice, but possibly someone who knew Pastor Tims, very well.  Our blog network has already informed you about the Satanic Illuminati, the secret society who has membership of very important people and many church people refuse to believe the truth, but allegedly, many of these ministers who are famous and very wealthy are a part of the Satanic Illuminati.   It is not something that is just talk, but it is real.  

Satanic Illuminati: Corna Hand Signal Does Not Mean “I Love You” According To The Late Anton Lavey

This is an article to inform those who think they can cover up the truth, regarding celebrities holding up the Satanic Illuminati hand sign that the fact remains, “I love  You” is not what Anton Lavey or his master, Satan meant.   One of our readers tried to defend the singer, Fantasia who was caught on camera with her child doing the exact hand sign like the late Satanist Anton Lavey who founded the church of Satan and many other celebrities and high profile famous individuals are doing the same thing.  Now, you take a very close look at both pictures and compare and tell us, it means, “I love you.”   Perhaps, the meaning “I love you” only came after the acknowledgment of too many people knowing about celebrity secrets of Satan worship.   Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Corna hand signal and it does not mean, “I love you”  Do not let Satan or even his demons fool  and deceive you into believe that it is okay to do anything his worshipers are doing in the camera, because although people who support these celebrities, he is only trying to fool us into believing his hand signs are legit, so those who discreetly worship him will be protected from people knowing about what they are really doing and who they really are, alleged Satan worshipers.  Also remember this fact, about a year ago, they would have never came up with the idea to claim it means “I love You”, but the secret society and its inclusive members had to come up with something to hide their evil, allegedly.

Satanic Illuminati: Joyce Meyers Teaches We Must Be Seen Under The All-Seeing Eye

We thought we should remain on the subject of the Satanic Illuminati, especially when it comes to those who reveal themselves as true men or women of God who earn millions, a year in the so-call ministry.  However, they are not in the ministry of preaching for Jesus Christ, but for Satan, alone.  Now, we are going by what was revealed on this audio, which is the voice of Joyce Meyers, one of the most known teachers who acts as though the is appointed by God when in fact, she has been appointed by Satan.   We feel Joyce Meyers is an alleged member of the Satanic Illuminati.  Now, you see why she is on programs of some of the most well known false prophets like Bishop T. D. Jakes.   We are not saying she is, but we hear she is an alleged affiliate of the Satanic Illuminati, by the words that she spoke on this audio, captured on video presented to us, by one of our dedicated readers.

Satanic Illuminati: Rev. John Edward Nix-McReynolds Possible Connection

The senior pastor of Second Baptist Church of Santa Ana in California has just died of liver cancer at only 57 years old.   In the press, it has been said that this man could stir up his congregation with a holler and a tune.  What for, if he was possibly, a discreet Satan worshiper? When you observe and analyze the photo to your right, you cannot help but to ask, ‘did this man die serving the Devil, so that he could gain money, fortune and popularity?‘   The reason why this is a big concern is simply because like a lot of famous African Americans who are successful in any industry these days, they are highly respected individuals and very few like McReynolds have done a lot to help the black community, but some who are admired are a part of the Satanic Illuminati and when it comes to being a well respected pastor, bishop or even a gospel artist, they are discreet Satan worshipers while pretending to be children of God.   Their impact is very dangerous, because those they minister to, do not know any better and they faithfully financially support these discreet Satan worshipers, which could have happened in this particular case with the late Rev. McReynolds.

Why are Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady Sharing Connection of Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministry, The Potter’s House?

Why are Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady Sharing Connection of Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministry, The Potter’s House?

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