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Gay Affirming Churches Cannot Minister To Unhappy Homosexuals

There are too many unhappy ex-gays and ex-lesbians who have given their personal testimonies on You Tube and gay affirming churches were not equipped to help them when they had enough of the gay lifestyle.  As gay activists try to enslave ministries from preaching against homosexuality and helping those who are miserable to come out of it, there are those who need to hear those specific sermons, because gay affirming churches definitely cannot help those who have had enough of living as homosexuals.   You hear a lot of gay activists trying to blame certain ministries for opposing homosexuality, accusing them of bullying, but it is not bullying if there are ex-gays and ex-lesbians who have admitted they were very unhappy being that way, some even came to a point of desiring to commit suicide.   Tell us, how can a gay affirming church possibly help those who desire to no longer be a gay man or a lesbian woman? They cannot do so, because they only cater to those who wish to remain homosexuals.

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