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Celebrity News: Black women, will George Lucas now marry his black queen after selling Lucasfilm for $4 Billion Dollars?

Those of you whom are also our faithful readers at Sanctified Church Revolution blog have read our latest article about George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney for over $4 billion dollars. 

Although, his lady, Mellody Hobson already is a very successful black woman, she manages an investment firm in Chicago of over $3 billion dollars in assets.  Usually, we do not like to…Read full article, here.


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George Lucas Admits Hollywood Didn’t Want To Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because Of Its Black Cast: White Husbands of Black Women Do Face Racism

We have been asking our dear black sisters whom are married to their white husbands, ‘how do they handle racism and speak with them about, whenever they face it.’  Therefore, we wondered if they faced it alone or do their white husbands even care.  Well, obviously George Lucas who is happily married to his black woman, Mellody Hobson has just experienced racial discrimination and he admits it on this following video.  We feel George Lucas is being extremely honest about racism, which something a lot of black men will not do and honestly, even some black women.  George Lucas created a film to give black actors a chance in Hollywood and because it is an all black cast, he faced racial discrimination.

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