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Update, Video: Could Woman’s Body Found In SW Atlanta Be Stacey English?

When are the deaths of missing black women going to stop?   It seems like as soon as there is news coverage, involving a missing black woman, then eventually a body or more is found, sometimes not long afterwards.  This time, police suspect this could be the end of their search for a missing Atlanta woman, Stacey English.   However, since the body is so badly decomposed, all they can tell is that she appears to be a woman who was African American.  Although, this may bring an end to searching for Stacey English, it does not bring closure to how she could have been murdered.

Police Report Strange Behavior Prior to Stacey English’s Disappearance: End of The World Scare

Stacey English- Missing Buckhead Woman

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Saints of God, we should be aware of the biblical scripture, Matthew 24:36, which tells us,But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”  According to a close friend of Stacy English, she was raging about the end of the world, quoting biblical scriptures and asked him if he was Satan.  Allegedly, this friend said she also was claiming someone was trying to harm her, which seems to fit the case, but her fright about the end of the world seems like a form of paranoia, if she was behaving in this odd way.  

Please Be Careful Who You Meet: Missing Atlanta Woman’s Car Found, Search Continues


We ask this strange question about this investigation, regarding Stacie Nicole English of Atlanta, why don’t the police call this case foul play, if they admit to it being suspicious?   If the police discovered her car in a parking lot, allegedly belonging to the police department, left running with her iPad, cell phone and wallet, then why wouldn’t it be foul play? In our opinion, they do not have the right people on the task force.  Then, we discovered that Stacie Nicole English asked this man visiting from St. Louis, Missouri to leave, after an argument.  Still, they do not consider this case foul play, something is not right with this investigation, because if we have key evidence of Mr. Robert Kirk, allegedly being the last person seen with her and honestly admits she asked him to leave, then we think the Atlanta Police Department needs to look further into this case.

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