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Tim Reid’s Mosaic Church Dance Parties Shut Down by Judge’s Court Order

Tim Reid's Mosaic Church Dance Parties shut down by Judge's Court Order

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Shootings at Church’s Dance Party in Tennessee Pushes Judge’s Order To End Them

The pastor of this church claims he is helping the gang community join church services and is making a difference in his town. Unfortunately, there have been some terrible crimes linked to the church’s good intentions. Find out below what kind of things have happened at this church’s “dance parties”.

Judge Jeff Hollingsworth has granted a 15-day restraining order that includes strict limits on the number of people who can be in the church’s space and the hours it can operate.

Bishop Earthquake Kelley Witnesses to Gang Members About His Affiliation and Visit to Hell

Previously, we have told you about Bishop Earthquake Kelley’s visit to heaven and hell. This former heavy weight champion died twice and saw hell and had a visitation to heaven.  God spoke to Bishop Earthquake Kelley and dangled him over the pit of hell and gave him a forewarning to do His will and send a warning to all churches of His wrath.   Bishop Earthquake Kelley’s ministry is rare in this age of carnality roaming throughout the pulpits in America.   While many pastors, bishops, evangelists and even gospel artists are seeking fame and fortune, Bishop Earthquake Kelley is seeking souls for God’s Kingdom and telling them what thus saith the Lord.  Bishop Earthquake is a miracle who died of a brain aneurysm.   He has a message for gang members who are living a dangerous lifestyle while they are on Satan’s territory and risking losing their souls, eternally.

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