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Preachers In The Black Church Deceiving Young Black Boys Into Homosexuality

Originally posted: Nov. 11, 2011

The demon of perversion has took dominion among our youth for too long.   Specifically, the reason why many young black men grow up not capable to becoming good fathers and husbands is simply, because of many preachers who have deceived them.   Many black preachers who are in the closet as homosexuals are husbands (to women) and fathers who preach against homosexuality almost ever Sunday.   Why do they do it?   To hide their own spirit of perversion.   They think God will not see their mischief when they are indulging in homosexuality in their private time away from the pulpit, the wife and kids.   However, let us assure you this is why so many black preachers back in the early days mysteriously died of AIDS, all because they got caught up in sin, allegedly.  

Time for Rebirth of Full Gospel Denominations In The Black Church

black_man_in_slaveryOriginally posted on Dec. 16, 2010:

This post is not to offend our brothers and sisters in Christ but that we acknowledge what has been going on in our churches and make changes in our lives to truly serve Him.

Sexual Abuse The Black Church! New Movie is telling the truth about pastors molesting young boys

It is about time we see a movie, dealing with the reality of young black boys being molested by a minister in the black church. 

Of course, so far we have found Bishop T. D. Jakes movies interesting, but it does not seem like he or any other producer has touched the subject of preachers molesting boys in the black church.  Close as Jakes came to it was in His first movie, ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ when the girl was molested by her mother’sRead full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

How To Overcome Being Sexually Molested By a Minister in the Black Church

Originally posted Jan. 2010

Black Church Rebellion: Will Pastor Frederick Haynes III Remember His Defense for Obama on Judgement Day?

We are living in an evil era, when we hear some pastors of a black church whom are defending the president on his stance for gay marriage.   The Word of God told us in the last days, we would witness such hypocrisy.  

Frederick Haynes III  backs up the president, but we wonder if he cares about how God feels about his defense.   Are we supposed to defend what God does not like?   As a man of God, shouldn’t Haynes…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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God Is Calling For The Rebirth of Complete Holiness in The Black Church and For Celebrity Lifestyles To Cease Among Black Preachers

God is calling for the rebirth of complete holiness among all races in all churches, but specifically in the black church.   However, because African Americans have a history of slavery in America, black pastors, bishops and evangelists are responsible for true holiness to be practice among their church members and even in their own lives.   God says the time has come for the status of celebrity lifestyles among popular televangelists and even those whom are popular pastors within their communities to permanently cease.  God wants us all to enjoy wealth, but He does not condone wealth to be the only main thing to be preached from many pulpits of the black church.   God recalls the era of slavery and the civil rights movement and He allowed African Americans to go through such long years of trials and persecutions for a reason, not to someday forget as soon as diversity was among us on earth, but He allowed the era of slavery for African Americans to live and remain holy, just like the children of Israel written in His Word, the Holy Bible.  God allowed the children of Israel to be enslaved for their rebellion against God.  God is calling for extreme repentance among those whom claim to be Pentecostal Full Gospel preachers whom have allowed a great falling away from holiness and righteousness.  There has been too much association among celebrity preachers with celebrities of the world.  There has been too many reports of sin within the pulpit and too many souls being spiritually fed with demonized sermons that have permitted too much sin and corruption among families within the black church.   Too many people are…Read full article, here.

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Has The Black Church Got Rid of Their Concern for Black Women?

One of the most important issues in many of today’s mega churches is hushed among many African Americans whom worship.    Has the black church got rid of their concern for black women, is a very important subject, because even in many diverse congregations, black women are struggling the most.   Many pastors have focused on broadening their ministries into a mega one and while doing so, their sermons have not done enough to elevate black women.   We are not speaking of all ministries, but some of them that are now corporate have placed the welfare of many black women as a less concern.  Over the years, although black pastors have became wealthy by growing mega ministries, oppression has not been absent within the black community.   The black church was always the foundation of the black community, but if it no longer bothers to uplift black women whom are yet struggling as single women with or without kids, divorced women and even widows, then how God continue to bless it?

Tony Perkins Says Body of Christ Who Voted for President Obama Should Repent

Regular readers of AT2W, like we have told you before, the same thing Tony Perkins is now telling Christians who voted for President Barack Obama, it is time to repent.   We have seen a whole 90 degree turn around in America which is not in God’s favor and many did not think twice about what type of change was in Obama’s agenda.   The change we have seen has completely opposed christian values and God would be very angry if we as the family of Christ refuse to repent.   

Average Black Churches Opposing Righteousness, We Are In The Last Days

We have heard many ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ turning to allow sinful behavior in the black churches among many other churches.   They have gotten diversity all twisted.  A high percentage of black churches have become multi-cultural churches which is what God wants, but the pastors of these churches have refrain from preaching righteousness, the full gospel of Jesus Christ to gain more money and popularity.   SCR readers, God is not pleased at this age of double-minded and half-stepping Christians.   On AT2W blog, we receive twisted responses from readers from time to time that has nothing to do with scripture.  Do you know what this is?  Simply, because the demon orchestrating the gospel of Inclusion has crept into many churches, they think we have to fellowship so much with all denominations and races so much, we must let go of being righteous and holy, this is what they call tradition, deceiving many Christians and God is very angry.

Rev. Al Sharpton and Bishop Yvette Flunder: Is Civil Rights Necessary In The Black Church?

For many years, civil rights leaders have spread the message of racial issues in the black church.   The question is, is civil rights needed in the black church?   Possibly, during the era of inequality before Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated God may have understood it, but today with all of the confusion of civil rights being connected with gay and lesbian issues, it is no longer needed or to be mentioned in the black church.   What we think of as the black church is really God’s church.   No one race should have any authority over God’s House to make rules not ordained by God and it so it is the especially the same for homosexuals using civil rights as an excuse to dominate God’s House.   God is angry with all of the confusion and he desires for civil rights to no longer have a place in the black church.   God does not want civil rights in the black church or any church organization claiming to be ordained by Him.

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