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While Venus is Out Serena Williams Returns to Tournament

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These pro tennis and phenomenal sisters are amazing. Not much will keep them down. While we just reported this week that Venus is out for the rest of the year with a knee injury, we now know that Serena Williams is back and will compete in the Generali Ladies Linz tournament which starts Monday, Oct. 11th.

Just when one sister is down, the other rises to the occasion. Serena will play in the Generali Ladies Linz though the news that she lost her number one ranking to Caroline Wozniacki came on the same day.

Serena Williams Bares ALL for ESPN but has Black Woman Body Complex

Serena Williams Bares All For ESPNOk folks, here’s one that will really raise your eyebrows. Serena Williams and several other very toned and fit famous sport figures are baring it ALL  for ESPN’s Oct Issue appropriately named “The Body Issue”.

Now folks.. we are being very, very discreet here. The photo to your left here of Serena Williams had to be cropped because she is truly posing completely NAKED!! (If you haven’t noticed, our blog reports on all subjects but we want it to remain suitable for all audiences. So, sorry- you won’t find the whole picture here guys).

Foot Fault: Serena Williams Conduct Violation Does Not Stop Her Match With Venus

serena_williams_conduct_violationSerena Williams was charged with a penalty for shouting at a judge and supposedly calling her out of her name.  Her victory was given to gave Kim Clijsters a 6-4, 7-5 victory in their semifinal match, which had been delayed 32 hours because of rain.  It all started because Serena’s foot was behind the line when serving the tennis ball.  Serena claimed that the judge falsely accused her of cursing and threatening to shove the tennis ball down her throat.    One judge says for what ever reason Serena’s anger should have never got out of hand.  Serena said she never said those threatening words and the judge lied.  Serena said the judgement is unfair.

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