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Fantasia’s Brother Teeny Plans Bikini Car Wash!

On Fantasia For Real Episode , Fantasia gets a lesson from Aunt Bunny while Teeny finds a way to pay his bills and promote his new CD with a bikini car wash! (Though he wanted a ‘buck naked’ car wash, so he said.) Also, Fantasia talks with a therapist about her relationship with a married man while she promises to take ‘baby steps’ to move forward.

Watch the FULL Episode of 3 Right HERE

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Watch Fantasia For Real Season 2 | Full Episodes 2!

Watch Fantasia’s Episode 2 of Season 2 BELOW. Full Episode

Fantasia Sees London and Personal Issues (FULL Episode)

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Watch Fantasia For Real Season 2 First Episode and Previews!!

Fantasia’s new season 2 for her reality show, “Fantasia For Real” aired on VH1 yesterday!

I know we are still interested in what she has going on because so much as been public, probably misconstrued and rumored.

As Fantasia has always said, ‘she is a open book’ so we want to know exactly what she’s doing “For Real”!!

So watch her 2 new episodes below to get up to date with Fantasia Barrino.

Episode 1 : FULL Episode

Fantasia Discusses Alleged Affair With Married Man

Fantasia Sets It Off on AOL Sessions

Fantasia performs a few tracks from her new album, “Back To Me” at AOL Sessions. If you have never heard AOL Sessions and what a performer can do, it is a treat. The music is clear and superb sound and the performer, in the case is Fantasia, ripped the stage apart as usual.

Enjoy the entire show below Part 1:

Album: Back To Me

Fantasia sings awesome vocals for her songs: “Even Angels”, “Bittersweet” and “Man of the House”

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Enjoy the entire show below Part 2:

Album: Back To Me

Watch Fantasia Interview with VH1 Today says- ‘I Wanted Out’

We got news that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino interviewed with VH1’s Behind the Music today about her recent circle of events in her life. Subsequently, today Fantasia’s long awaited album hit the stores.

Here’s the interview from VH1:
Her explaination of why she overdosed and attempted suicide.

“I didn’t have any fight in me. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out. At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with – all of it, all of that $@%*”.

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