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  • Satanic Illuminati: Idolatry in Mega Ministries

    Satanic Illuminati: Idolatry in Mega Ministries

    Since fame and fortune has been the focused of ministry over the past 20 years, there is a spirit if idolatry in mega ministries.  Where does it come from? It comes from the connection these wealthy ministers have with the Satanic Illuminati.  In prior articles, we revealed famous preachers who have a connection with this secret society and we know their affiliation by them revealing Satanic hand symbols of the Devil’s horn, Corna and possibly more. Idol worship is to be expected in today’s average mega ministry, simply because among today clergy, there has not been a thirst for righteousness, but a strong will to serve Satan for fame and fortune.   Therefore, these Satanic ministers are standing before thousands of people claiming to true messengers of Christ, but they are disguised Devil worshipers while taking God’s glory.