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  • MLK’s Son Dexter King Marries Longtime Girlfriend Leah Weber [UPDATE]

    MLK’s Son Dexter King Marries Longtime Girlfriend Leah Weber [UPDATE]

    MLK’s Son Dexter King Marries Longtime Girlfriend Leah Weber

    UPDATE on July 27, 2013: Somehow we missed this information although AT2W was not blogging back then. In 2008, this news was reported that Martin Luther King III was already married in 2006 but it was done secretly. Here’s the report  from 2008 about when they announced it:

    The day before celebrities and dignitaries traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the birth of Dr. King, his oldest son Martin Luther King III officially announced his marriage to Arndrea Waters. The couple who are expecting their first child this Spring, announced their 2 year old union at the After Glow reception for the Salute to Greatness Awards Ceremony at the ritzy Hyatt Regency Atlanta. 

  • 21st Century Single Women Can Become Millionaires or Billionaires

    21st Century Single Women Can Become Millionaires or Billionaires

    atoast2wealth04It is much easier for single women to become millionaires or even billionaires, because they do not have the responsibility to care for a family, especially if they do not have any kids.  In this era of our American society, there are a lot of single women who chose not to tie the knot, either because they witnessed the mother having a bad marriage or just never wanted to be hooked to a spouse.  Single women can easily start their own business and become millionaires.   A very good example of a rich single woman is no other than Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire.  Of course, you do not have to follow her career to become rich.  All you have to do is choose something you really love and make a profit off of it.  It is just that simple, although it may not occur quick.  When you have a big vision, it may take some time to receive your wealth, but the rewards are worth the however long it takes for you to enjoy it.  In this particular era, there ought to be more rich women who are dominating every kind business you can imagine.  Women should admit that they have not been in unity for time now, regardless of all the female empowerment movements.  For some reason, we have divided our gender because of personal prejudices and biases.  This is why many women who could be very rich are not, they have allowed the pain of betrayal and rejection of another female hold back their success.  It could of been painful memories of your mother, teacher or family member who insulted you so much, you feel no way of succeeding as a woman.  Female abusers do not realize how much they have helped male abusers restrained the entire female gender from success.  Regardless of how the majority of women may refuse to unite, you do not have to allow this to halt your future as a millionaire.  Encourage yourself and avoid any negative memories that make you feel you will never succeed.  Keep focused on your vision and do not allow anything or anyone get in the way.  Love yourself enough to empower yourself, even if no one else will follow.  When you empower yourself, the amount of money you earn is infinite.