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Donnie Swaggart Spoke The Truth About False Prophets, One Particular, Kenneth Copeland

Not often do you hear of preachers in the ministry speaking about false prophets, because they may be one  themselves and do not wish to ruin the devilish success of others like them.  This following video that was sent to us by one of our readers, it reveals Donnie Swaggart who is the son of Jimmy Swaggart who told the truth about false prophets.   In the video one you will hear how he says it was blasphemous for Kenneth Copeland to allegedly have said that Jesus was demon possess while hanging on the cross.   This video was very disturbing to us, because Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Kenneth Copeland like many other famous ministers who are making millions off of their prosperity gospel are allegedly lying on the Word of God.   Who in their right mind would disrespect the son of God, the One who took the ridicule and hung on the cross for each and every sinner?

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