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SCR Response to Donnie Swaggart Alleged Statement About “Rednecks and Hicks” During His Previous Sermon

Yesterday, when we mentioned African Americans should ignore racial issues within our society, we were referring to racial discrimination in the world, but within the church we must address it, because this is what has weakened the body of Christ and also turned many lost souls of African descent away.  If you wonder why we removed Donnie Swaggart’s video series from our Video page, you must read this article.

SCR Requests for the Black Church Voting For President Obama To Take Heed To Donnie Swaggart’s Sermon Before It is Everlasting Too Late

As a true child of God, it is time for you to realize our lives is not based on race, although Satan has tried to fool us through racial discrimination.   It is time for the black church to take heed to only accept a president whom is in full agreement with the Word of God.  As an African American, you may not agree with how Donnie Swaggart preaches this following sermon, because of he is very direct, but you must only listen if you are a true child of God and willing to obey Him.   We all have to make it to heaven, whether we are white, black, Latino Asian, rich or poor, so it behooves all of us…Watch video and read full article, here.

Donnie Swaggart Responds About Fred Price, Sr. Alleged Claim As Blasphemy

Right after Thanksgiving, we received a response from Donnie Swaggart through his secretary and she informed us that Frederick Price, Sr. alleged statement, regarding Jesus Christ committed suicide is blasphemy.   As you know, Pastor Donnie Swaggart is the son of legendary television evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart and he has been following these false prophets who preach the prosperity gospel, which is against God.   Donnie Swaggart was so kind to respond to us, because as you know, it is so hard when you approach those connected to the very ones who make such devious statements against the Son of God.

Donnie Swaggart Spoke The Truth About False Prophets, One Particular, Kenneth Copeland

Not often do you hear of preachers in the ministry speaking about false prophets, because they may be one  themselves and do not wish to ruin the devilish success of others like them.  This following video that was sent to us by one of our readers, it reveals Donnie Swaggart who is the son of Jimmy Swaggart who told the truth about false prophets.   In the video one you will hear how he says it was blasphemous for Kenneth Copeland to allegedly have said that Jesus was demon possess while hanging on the cross.   This video was very disturbing to us, because Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Kenneth Copeland like many other famous ministers who are making millions off of their prosperity gospel are allegedly lying on the Word of God.   Who in their right mind would disrespect the son of God, the One who took the ridicule and hung on the cross for each and every sinner?

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