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How Chris Gardner Became A Millionaire: Determination, Your Answer to This Recession

Chris_Gardner_pursuit_of_happynessAre you wondering how you are going to survive this recession?  Did you lose your job?  Are you about to go on the streets with your kids?  Is your marriage breaking up?  Are you often wondering how your life is going to get better? Your answer is determination, you have to have that burning desire to survive, no matter what.  You must realize that your success is determined by your driving force, deep within and it does not matter what you negatively see, hear or feel, you can survive.  It does not even matter what environment you live in, you can control your own destiny.  The story of Chris Gardner, the millionaire who came out with his true story, a few years ago should be as big as it was when the movie hit the big screen.  Most people were only talking about it, because they were fans of Will Smith and like his acting.  A lot of people who should have caught the main point in the movie, missed it and that’s why there are suffering now.  Now, is the time read Chris Gardner’s book and watch his movie as if it is still popular as when it first came out.  There are many tent cities in Sacramento, Los Angeles, California and Washington D. C. and possibly many other places.

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