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Don Lemon Says He’s Gay, But AT2W Says Jesus Christ Is Still Lord

For the umpteenth time, every time some one comes out of the closet as a gay man or a lesbian, it seems as though they want the world to stop for them and give them adherence to their confession.  However, A Toast 2 Wealth says this time, okay so what you are gay Don Lemon? Our God still reigns and Jesus Christ is still Lord and master of this universe.  This issue of homosexuality, coming out of the closet has been going for the past thirty or more years, so it is nothing new and it should not surprise anyone and really it is a dead tune.   What we are trying to figure out is this, what is the point of wanting people to realize your sexual preference, Mr. Lemon? The world does not stop for you, Dejuai Pace or any other person who wants the world’s full undivided attention.   As real children of our most high God, we can only give Him our full attention and obedience to his world.

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