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MLK’s Son Dexter King Marries Longtime Girlfriend Leah Weber [UPDATE]

MLK’s Son Dexter King Marries Longtime Girlfriend Leah Weber

UPDATE on July 27, 2013: Somehow we missed this information although AT2W was not blogging back then. In 2008, this news was reported that Martin Luther King III was already married in 2006 but it was done secretly. Here’s the report  from 2008 about when they announced it:

The day before celebrities and dignitaries traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the birth of Dr. King, his oldest son Martin Luther King III officially announced his marriage to Arndrea Waters. The couple who are expecting their first child this Spring, announced their 2 year old union at the After Glow reception for the Salute to Greatness Awards Ceremony at the ritzy Hyatt Regency Atlanta. 

Will Bernice King’s Upcoming Ministry Be for Righteousness Now That She Has Left New Birth?

It has been said during the eight years of Bernice King’s ministry at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA., she was an anti-gay minister, along with Bishop Eddie Long, even after the rumors of her being a closeted lesbian for many years before she arrived there.   We of are hoping and praying that Bernice King is not making her decision to leave for the wrong reasons.  Of course, we understand an individual leaving New Birth, because of all of the sexual allegations, but it is not understood why an individual would just say it is the season to cease the ministry, now that fifteen million dollars has been paid to all four of the young men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of molesting them, allegedly. It seems as though Bernice King would have left New Birth M. B. C. right when the allegations occurred, that is, if she believed her close friend, Bishop Long was guilty.   However, for whatever reason she chooses to leave, God knows.  The curious question is, is Bernice leaving to start her upcoming ministry to preach righteousness and reveal herself as a holy woman to this nation, which has condone same sex relationships?

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