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Grisly Detroit Murders Has Gotten The Attention of Seattle Officials Who Want Backpage Removed: Has The Deceased Escort Murders Gotten The Black Church’s Attention?

Since the horrific news of these grisly murders in Detroit hit the press, we have given you complete details involving the deaths that may not have happened, if these deceased escorts had not placed ads on, allegedly.   Therefore, we not only send our condolences to these family members of the deceased alleged escorts in Detroit, but we also pray all four of the victims are resting in peace.   One more message is for the black churches all over America: ‘pay more attention to prostitutes whom are risking their lives out on the streets like you those within the hip hop community.’  Do not let this Attorney General of Seattle Washington, Rob McKenna, Police Chief Godbee and Mayor Mike McGinn of the state of Washington be the only ones looking out for these young women.  You say you love God and claim to be a man or woman of His Word, then He expects for you to show it, by reaching out to these young prostitutes and help them find Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.

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