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Father Guns Down Mother and Daughters At An Ohio Crackel Barrel after Finding Out They Are Leaving Him: Is Crackel Barrel Reaping For Their Alleged Past Racism?

This news about this father gunning down his his wife and two daughters at Crackel Barrel does not surprise us, because for so long the company has allegedly had it’s trouble facing lawsuits, regarding racial discrimination.   In our opinion, it seems like this is a spiritual issue haunting Crackel Barrel, because if it true they have allegedly refused to serve African Americans in the past, then they are possibly reaping what they have sown.  The history of Crackel Barrel is not a good one and for this sudden tragedy to happen only reveals fate.   Although friends say Katie Allen 42, feared her husband, Kevin Allen, 51 would eventually harm her, things just do not occur by accident at certain places.   Now if you recall, at the Crackel Barrel in the Atlanta area a few years ago, involving a single black mother, Tahshawnea Hill whom was beat in front of her daughter by an alleged white supremacist, the FBI investigated it as a hate crime according to CNN, but Troy Dale West, Jr. only spent 6 months in jail.   If you remember, that situation happened after previous situations with African American customers complaining about racial discrimination.  Although, it may not have been Crackel Barrel’s fault, we do not recall security on duty to protect this woman, just recorded surveillance or him beating her.   So now, we hear of this couple…Read full article, here.

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