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American Gangster of All Times: Why Did Frank Lucas Millions Make Him a Legend in the Black Community?

frank_lucas09038African Americans acknowledge the history of their ancestors being haunted by the harassment of white supremacists in America; however, many of them see Frank Lucas as a hero who was a self-made millionaire.  To many black people, Frank Lucas has been much more a legend than Dr. Martin Luther King (a civil rights activist), President Barack Obama (the President of the United States), Denzel Washington (actor) and many others who legitimately made history in the country.  Even after the election of President Barack Obama (first black President), many African Americans choose Frank Lucas and other notorious drug dealers as their mentors, some say it is because President Obama is part white and does not really understand the hardships of being a black man in America, which we discovered is totally untrue, because he has been harassed over 50 times a day since he has took office in the White House.  Furthermore, there has been several reports President Obama has been haunted with racial discrimination and white supremacists view him just black, although they acknowledge he has a white mother.  The average thought of a proud black man in this country, is simply they are not proud to have President Barack Obama as a mentor, but would rather admire Frank Lucas and others like him.  The millions of Frank Lucas causes a lot of black people to imagine having nice expensive things they never could afford: suburban homes, nice automobiles, planes, furs and expensive jewelry.  Although, they could obtain millions of dollars like the average millionaire, the thought of gaining riches the quick way always excites them.  Bill Gates success of building Microsoft does not give an intense excitement like becoming a drug lord.  Frank Lucas has been often called “the Bill Gates of dope.

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