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Kirk Franklin: A Tainted Product of Promoter Vicki Mack Reigns Acceptance in Church

Kirk Franklin: A Tainted Product of Promoter Vicki Mack Reigns Acceptance in Church

We think Kirk Franklin should just hang up his tainted Christian style and just go out into the world and do his thing! Even though technically he’s already in the world with his sassy, hip hop sounds straight from the bubblegum gospel machine, he really clowned on the American Idol show. He had American Idol contestant Jacob Lusk and singer Gladys Knight singing along with his new song “I Smile”. He did his usual clown act on stage while encouraging the singers to groove the more while he dances around like ” look at me… i need attention.” With his vain and childish performance, it does nothing close to honoring nor worshiping Jesus.

Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Now Talks Morals About A Generation He Helped Lose Focus

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Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Now Talks Morals About A Generation He Helped Lose Focus

We  just heard about this little 5 minute video that provides some damaging information to Kirk Franklin’s image. Well, not really because in our opinion, he’s done this already a long time ago when he decided to corrupt the name of Jesus with his, what we call, ‘Bubble Gum Gospel’. This video we found shows Franklin speaking as an adult and recognizing the problems in the world amongst young people. He calls this generation of young people “cynical, desensitized, hopeless, cold- hearted and lost their sense of believing”.

DeWayne Woods Recently Performs at Satanic Lesbian Wedding Although God Healed Him of HIV

We were just sent a link to this article and could not believe what we saw and read, regarding well-known gospel artist DeWayne’s recent performance at a homosexual wedding.  We thank the anonymous individual for doing so.  This irritated our staff so much, we could not help but discuss this matter among us and did not hesitate once to post this article.  Not just because this was a lesbian wedding ceremony, but because God loves Mr. Woods so much, he healed him of HIV, a few years ago, that’s very serious. God is not to be taken advantage of and will only give us so many chances, after proving himself as a loving God who heals all diseases and forgives all iniquities, once we repent and live our lives holy and pleasing in His sight.  Performing at a gay or lesbian wedding is not pleasing in God’s sight because God does not support sexual relations between same sex partners, according to I Cor. 6: 9,10 that says: “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?   Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

Dorinda Clark Cole’s Interview with Missy Elliot: Is God Pleased?

One of our head journalist received an email from a born again believer who saw a video of Dorinda Clark-Cole interviewing Missy Elliot.   We were also notified by the same person that The Clark Sisters (that’s Dorinda and her sisters) were featured on Missy Elliot’s album, which they so boldly uploaded on their You Tube channel.   Of course, since the gospel music industry have been collaborating with secular artists to make more money for several years now, there is no shock to what else we could expect. We had to come together as group of journalists to agree if this issue was negatively effecting the the representation of God’s Kingdom and we all agreed to do this article on Dorinda’s interview with Missy Elliot, simply because Missy Elliot is a secular hip-hop artist and born again believers are not supposed to associate with the world. So to our staff, this is what you call hypocrisy, especially if you are an evangelist spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kirk Franklin Rebukes Gospel Music Artist Lifestyles Like He’s So Holy

Mr. Kirk Franklin has been seen on this You Tube video preaching as though he is familiar with righteousness. On a prior article, we revealed to you how Franklin has been caught doing Illuminati hand signals; how can one serve Satan and serve God? Also, Kirk Franklin has gotten so much press attention from previously being addicted to pornography, it’s sickening.  When one of our field journalists brought this specific video to our attention, all we heard was a lot of yelling and showing off as if he is so set a part from the world, not so.

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