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Rev. Al Sharpton and Bishop Yvette Flunder: Is Civil Rights Necessary In The Black Church?

For many years, civil rights leaders have spread the message of racial issues in the black church.   The question is, is civil rights needed in the black church?   Possibly, during the era of inequality before Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated God may have understood it, but today with all of the confusion of civil rights being connected with gay and lesbian issues, it is no longer needed or to be mentioned in the black church.   What we think of as the black church is really God’s church.   No one race should have any authority over God’s House to make rules not ordained by God and it so it is the especially the same for homosexuals using civil rights as an excuse to dominate God’s House.   God is angry with all of the confusion and he desires for civil rights to no longer have a place in the black church.   God does not want civil rights in the black church or any church organization claiming to be ordained by Him.

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