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AT2W UPDATE: Darin Lee McAllister, Former FBI Agent Sentencing

AT2W UPDATE: Darin Lee McAllister, Former FBI Agent Sentencing

We have received tons of requests to report more information on the Darin McAllister case. We covered the story extensively according to what the authorities and courts would allow us to know about the case from the beginning.

In the news at the start, Darin Lee McAllister, 44, was a special agent for the FBI is now being accused of creating a wire fraud scheme regarding a mortgage company (SunTrust Bank) of over $100,000 line of credit and also giving false statements to obtaining funds to purchase more properties back in 2006. Theses properties were worth over $1 million dollars.

Former FBI Agent Darin McAllister To Be Sentenced March 4th 2011

Former FBI Agent Darin McAllister To Be Sentenced March 4th 2011

The COGIC gospel singer Judy McAllister’s husband is in hot water with the Feds.

The Praise and Worship gospel singer and President of the Music Department for the COGIC church, Judith McAllister’s husband Darin Lee McAllister is charged with fraud. Not one count but 19 counts of fraud including the swearing of a false oath according to a U.S. Attorney’s office in E. Tennessee.

FBI Agent Darin Lee McAllister Allegedly Tied to Louisiana Fraud Case

FBI Agent Darin Lee McAllister Allegedly Tied to Louisiana Fraud Case

We received news from one of our readers today that former FBI agent Darin Lee McAllister, husband of gospel artist Judith Christie McAllister may have close ties to a fraud case in Louisiana.

We found news at WAFB News in Louisiana that states three African American officials, Mayor Maurice Brown and his brother Police Chief Mario Brown both of White Castle, LA. as well as Mayor Tommy Nelson of New Roads, LA were “indicted for violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), mail fraud, wire fraud and use of an interstate facility in aid of racketeering and forfeiture”, says WAFB News reports back in July 2010.

Judith Christie McAllister’s Husband, Darin Lee McAllister Found Guilty On All Fraudulent Charges

Darin Lee McAllister, the 44 year-old husband of First Lady of Praise and Worship, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister has been found guilty this Thursday of 15 counts of wire fraud and three counts of bankruptcy fraud by a jury in United States District Court in Nashville.  See source here.

Darin McAllister’s sentencing is set for March 4, 2011.

According to the courts, Mr. McAllister committed a wire fraud scheme to defraud SunTrust Mortgage Inc. in connection with the buy rental properties totaling $1.25 million in May and July 2006. They say he also devised a scheme to defraud SunTrust Bank in connection with a $100,000 line of credit and making three false statements in connection with his subsequent bankruptcy petition in July 2009.

COGIC Pastor Under Arrest for 11 Sexual Abuse Charges- Ugh!!

My God help us PLEASE!! First it was Bishop Long of New Birth and now this? What is this world coming to? Maybe better said: What’s been going on in this world? And just look at him!! Ugh!

So here we go again. Another pastor, man of God using his spiritual authority to sexual coerce and abuse young children and teens. In this case, a minister of Las Vegas of Revival Temple Church of God in Christ, Pastor Billy Eckstine McCurdy was taken into custody last Friday. McCurdy was arrested at his  home for 11 sexually assault charges on teen boys.  The Las Vegas Review Journal stated that the charges come about after an eight month investigation regarding the allegations against Pastor McCurdy. It was stated that a similar case against him was dropped.

Defendant Long Officially Served With Court Papers

News today states that Bishop Long was officially served with court papers for the lawsuits of allegations he coerced 4 young men into a sexual relationship when they were 14 and 15 years of age.

Court papers were hand delivered to Long’s home today in suburban Atlanta that shows that he is officially a defendant in these lawsuits.

Bishop Long Eludes Press in His Range Rover

Accused pastor of  New Birth, Bishop Eddie Long is seen racing through his suburban Atlanta neighborhood, in  his black Range Rover.

Apparently he is trying to avoid any press that are watching him. It was filmed as well. Someone could have been struck by his car as fast as he was going.

Well, he’s lived as a celebrity preacher in the church and all over the world, so now he must endure the press and paparazzi like any other popular Hollywood star.

What does he have to hide?  Hmmmm.

Here’s a quick shot of it on video.

Father of Accuser LeGrande Says ‘I’m Very Upset’ with Bishop Long

Story broke that Spencer LeGrande, the fourth accuser to come forward of allegations against Bishop Long sexually coercing him since a teen has some support of his own.

His REAL father has come forward to speak out about what has happened to his son, Spencer. Eddie LeGrande, the father of Spencer says he wasn’t a big part of his son’s life, splitting up with his mother when Spencer was a toddler.

He says he knew Bishop Long had taken a big role in his life as a father when Spencer was a teen.

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