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Video: Atlanta COGIC Pastor Accused of Shooting Teen

Pastor Alex Williams is being held without bond for shooting a teenager for throwing rocks at his car.  The rocks broke his rear windshield, so he decided to pull a gun and shoot the teen.   Williams is the pastor of Mechanicsville Church of God in Christ in Atlanta.
The teen who was shot by Pastor Williams is being treated and is in stable condition and his or her name is withheld from the press at this time.

Williams attorney say he is the real victim.

Bishop Lorenzo Kelly, COGIC Minister Died Seven Times and Saw Ministers in Hell

As we have mentioned in our other posts it is very important to us to send out the message for God that hell does exist, because there are a lot of false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Tonex, Rob Bell and others who say everyone goes to heaven and then, we have many gay affirming ministers like, Jay Bakker, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Jim Swilley and including those mentioned oppose the Word of God that informs us that gays and lesbians will go to hell.   These false prophets oppose the scripture that clearly tells us all that homosexuals, including other sinners will not inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). So if sinners will not inherit the Kingdom of God, where will they end up, eternally?  There is only one place left and that’s hell. Bishop Lorenzo L. Kelly, pastor of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ died of a brain aneurysm, seven times and not only did he see hell, but he said he saw ministers, obviously we assume these were ministers he knew in his past.  To be more specific, Bishop Kelly died five times on the operating table and twice on dialysis.

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