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Clark Gable Jr’s Girlfriend, 41, Found Dead Malibu Mansion: Why The Satanic Force Is So Strong Among Hollywood Celebrities

Every since the birth of Hollywood, many celebrities have lost their lives in all sorts of tragic ways.   There is a reason why the cycle continues still to this day and it is all because there is a demonic force controlled by Satan.   Maybe not Clark Gable Jr. and his deceased girlfriend, Christiane Candice, but many Hollywood celebrities have been Devil worshipers and they lost their lives in a particular amount of time, because of an alleged pact that was made with Satan.  So you can imagine how many Hollywood celebrities were fooled into believing they would be alright if they sold their souls for fame and fortune and got caught up into drugs and then died and lost their souls.   There have been many celebrities whom are now burning in everlasting hell whom wish they could have another chance to give their souls to Jesus Christ.   All the money they made while on earth could never be given in exchange for their souls, it is so sad, but very true.   Furthermore, if you have been visiting our videos page or read our previous articles about people whom died and came back to life, then you will recall Angelica Zambrano, a teen who allegedly visited hell with Jesus Christ and saw Michael Jackson, Selena and Pope John Paul II there.  Jesus specifically told her Michael Jackson sold his soul to the Devil and she heard and saw him burning in the flames.  Now, we do not know what is the root cause of  Christiane Candice’s death, but there have been too many situations of drug overdose with the connection of celebrities…Read full article, here.

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