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Christian Broadcasting Network Airs Story of Ex-Porn Star Danielle Williams

danielle williams, ex porn star

Christian Broadcasting Network Airs Story of Ex-Porn Star Danielle Williams

Originally posted on June 24, 2011

The well know christian broadcasting, CBN is featuring a young woman who was a drug dealer, prostitute, lesbian, stripper, exotic dancer and porn star named Danielle Williams. Last year, we did a couple of stories on Danielle Williams and her amazing deliverance from all of the above without being infected with a single STD or disease. Now she preaches the gospel to people all over the world about how God delivered her and how He can surely do it for anyone.

Does Chris Brown’s VMA Performance Have Illuminati Written All Over It?

Does Chris Brown’s VMA Performance Have Illuminati Written All Over It?

Chris Brown performed for MTV’s VMA Awards aired on Monday. Though many are fans of Chris Brown for his singing, style and dancing, is he using the stage to show who he worships?

Let’s check it out. In the video provided below. Chris Brown performs on stage but there appears to be some alleged Illuminati symbolism in the set up that many may not see.

  • Near the beginning of the video, you will see Chris Brown come out on stage and there’s a series of neon triangles flying in the air on both sides of the alleged  ‘”triangle” shaped stage. Triangles are alleged symbols used to worship Satan.

Attention Seeker: Chris Brown Tattoos and Blond Hair Show Low Self-Esteem

Attention Seeker: Chris Brown Tattoos and Blond Hair Show Low Self-Esteem

Chris Brown is in the news again. As many of you may know, he was interviewed on GMA with Robin Roberts Tuesday morning and because Robin continually asked about the two year old beating incident with he and singer Rihanna, he went into a fit of rage. After the show, he stormed  into his dressing room yelling to the top of his lungs and threw a chair into a window of the GMA office building.

Redeemed Chris Brown Receives Domestic Violence Diploma

It’s now time that we all give Chris Brown some slack. We may not agree with how he lived his life before but every man and woman deserve a chance to make things right.

He may have lost his girl, Rihanna, but it may be for the best. He’s learned to “man up” and take responsibility for his actions.

He has been diligent at keeping up with his domestic violence course and staying faithful to his commitment.

Now he has completed the domestic violent source and he’s very proud of himself.  Many other young men need to take example of his good work and learn that violence does not pay but submission is the greatest reward.

Bow Wow’s Suicidal Thoughts: “I’ll Get Peace When I’m Dead” [UPDATED]


Wow. It never surprises us how people use Twitter as a way to voice just about anything.

A Washington D.C. radio station breaks news from an interview that Cash Money’s rapper Bow Wow had recently stated he wanted to commit suicide on his Twitter page.

He also has tried to explain in the interview what he meant when he publicly said he had suicidal thoughts.

“I ain’t had time to go and play football and do none of the regular stuff. At times, it haunts you because of course you’re going to be unbalanced.”

Ex Porn Star Reveals Redemptive Confessions [VIDEOS]

Danielle Williams is known all over Los Angeles and abroad for being one of the youngest of porn stars in the industry. She lived a life of stripping, prostitution, drugs and a porn star starting at age 13.

Though she admits the “love of money” is what really influenced her to engage in all of these activities, it no longer enslaves her life. She admits it was more than money is why she was involved in the fast life.

Marques Houston Gets Restraining Order Out on Raz-B

It seems as though Raz-B is being cornered with his allegations that Marques Houston and Chris Stokes molested him from  ages 11 and 12 years old.

Marques Houston has requested a retraining order for Raz-B (real name De’Mario Monte Thornton). Houston says Raz videotaped a phone conversation with the two of them talking on the phone and Raz-B is ranting at Houston.

Houstons says he hung up on Raz but the videotape kept rolling on Raz’s end.

Hip Hop’s Marques Houston And Chris Stokes Accused of Sexual Molestation

The Latest News and Celebrity Lifestyles-

Latest News: There is another sex scandal that’s been evolving on blog and entertainment internet sites recently. We actually saw read some things about this around the same time as the celebrity minister Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal came out. We were not sure if we would talk about it here but we think folks need to hear about it.

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