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U.S. Marshalls Manhunt Out on Pastor Otis Holland Accused of Sexual Assault

U.S. Marshalls Manhunt Out on Pastor Otis Holland Accused of Sexual Assault

The U.S. Marshals has joined the search for a Las Vegas pastor who is accused of having sex with underage girls.

A month ago, local law enforcement issued an arrest warrant for Otis Holland.

Now, the Feds are getting involved, hoping a little more publicity will lead to Holland’s arrest.

The pastor is 54-years-old, 5 feet, 11 inches in height, 195 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

He’s accused of sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 16, but investigators learned there may be other victims.

Pastor Otis Holland of United Faith Church in Las Vegas Accused of Child Molestation


Allegedly, this so-call man of God who was preaching to a small flock in Las Vegas, Nevada has been accused of molesting two teenage girls.  Otis Holland, 54, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault of a minor under 14-years-old, one count of sexual assault of a minor under 16 years of age and two counts of lewdness with a child under the age of 14, according to the report.  Although, he was arrested in December of last year, as a group of journalists, we decided to do this story and are very grateful for the person who sent it to us.   Because most churches are not under full submission to God, we cannot allow this story to be forgotten about, so we will discuss how we feel about this disgusting pastor robbing the innocence from these young girls.  There are two many child molestation cases in the church world these days and you cannot help, but wonder when will these nasty pedophiles behind the pulpits stop putting on a show while claiming to be messengers of Christ?

Pastor Royce C. Shorter of Renton Arrested in Court As Accusations Surface

Previously, like in the case of Apostle K. C. Sparks, AT2W journalists repeatedly visited the website of Pastor and Minister of Music, Royce C. Shorter, 53, and it no longer exist and it is no doubt for obvious reasons.  This pastor is known in the Seattle Washington area for teaching music lessons to young girls while preaching out of the Word of God on Sunday mornings.  Teaching music and voice lessons has been how he has stolen the innocence of his early teen female victims since 1983.   Pastor Royce C. Shorter Christian business is ‘N Time Music Productions that has help to supplement his income,besides the tithes and offerings he generously receives from Ecclesia Community Church.

Rio Linda Pastor Arrested On Suspicion Of Child Molestation

Forty-eight year old pastor of First Baptist Church in Rio Linda California, Tom Gene Daniels has been arrested for molesting children under 14 years of age. Although, First Baptist Church parishioners say they are glad his accusation of child molestation charges occurred five years before he began leadership, the charges brought against him is not safe for other children in his congregation or in the neighborhood.  People who live in the neighborhood are shocked of the news and  say they are concerned for their own children. The pastor was arrested by Citrus Heights police officers for six felony counts.

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