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Under Fire: Washington DC Police Gave Unauthorized Police Escort for Jay-Z and Others

Bill Gates, Charlie Sheen and Jay-Z- Named in police investigation- AT2W- courtesy of

Under Fire: Washington DC Police Gave Unauthorized Police Escorts for Rapper Jay-Z and Others

In a police escort investigation, rapper and hip hop artist Jay-Z has been named as one of many celebrities who received unauthorized police escorts from the DCPD.

The DCPD is doing an internal investigation on who received police escorts and some names came up like: Bill Gates, Jay-Z and Charlie Sheen. These police escorts were brought up because they violated department procedure.

Charlie Sheen Charged with Domestic Violence on Christmas Day

You know I was just flipping the channel tonight and ran across the show “Two in a Half Men” and at the same time checking the news. I would have never guessed to see one of the shows leading men in top news.

The news has reported that famed actor Charlie Sheen is not having such a merry Christmas today.

He is spending time in Aspen for the holidays and one thing led to another and he allegedly shoved wife Brooke Mueller. He is said to be spending the remaining of his Christmas day in a Pitkin County Jail in Aspen for on a domestic violence charge.

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