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  • Sisters on the Down Low Exist Just Like Brothers on the Down Low

    Sisters on the Down Low Exist Just Like Brothers on the Down Low

    Some years ago, an author by the name of J. L. King told the truth about “Brothers on the Down Low” in his book, “On The Down Low”, because he got tired of witnessing men pretending to be straight while hurting women and in many cases infecting them with the AIDS virus, but the truth is, many times, these women who love to sleep with these men who have an discreet unnatural affection for men and most time a discreet effeminate side are the ones who have discreet affairs with women. These particular women who are fascinated with Brothers on the Down Low are most likely sisters on the down low, because their attraction with delicate men really intensifies their discreet lust for women. Whenever you find a woman who is married to a man or has a boyfriend who acts and appears gay, then they are the ones who really desire to be with the same sex, a woman.  These particular women are the ones who pretend to hate lesbians in public. The reason why women on the down low are not discussed much like men on the down low is because for many centuries, women have took the position as the victim, because they are suppose to be the delicate ones when in fact, they are kinky and their hearts are full of burning lust, which is displeasing in the eyes of God.