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Update: 5 Charged In Murders Of Hamtramck Women

This is just an update, regarding the two dead Hamtramck women who went missing, after being kidnapped by two men from Abreeya’s household.   Of course, we thought there was only two killers who murdered Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway.   This sudden news does not surprise us, because usually when killers are caught by police, most of the times they confess the entire story and whom else helped them in the murder, so they will not be taking the blame, alone.  This case takes a turn after learning five men are responsible for this double homicide.  Again as we mentioned in our previous articles, because Brown and Conaway allegedly met Brian Cain in a topless bar, we would not be surprise if Cain and Lee, along with the other three men have something to do with the other mysterious murders involving alleged escorts, strippers and other cases of women…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Pair Suspected of Abducting Women in Court for Shooting Case Hearing: Families Fighting Caught On Video While Rallies Are Being Held Across Country for Trayvon Martin

We can never expect for Trayvon Martin’s family to ever receive justice for his death until black people stop murdering each other.   Here you can see both families fighting, because they have arrived for the hearing of Brian Cain and Brian Lee who have been suspected of not only kidnapping Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway, but they both are also allegedly accused of murdering and burying the two young women.    It is so tiring, we know God must shake his head every time He sees the race of black people rallying for justice when it comes to a shooting death, which involves racism, because in the 21st century African Americans are yet killing each other.   On this following video, you will see the alleged killers entering the court room, then facing the judge in court and in front of the court house, families on both sides are making threats to each other.

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