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Black women, don’t give up on your life, just because your doctor says you’ve got breast cancer

Sisters, as we sat around the table having a discussion, regarding what issues are important to black women, of course, it was mentioned breast cancer should not be discussed one time of the year, similar to how AIDS has taken the many lives of  black women.  

We want you to know in every life of a black woman, breast cancer has attacked someone close to us, whether it was a family member or a close friend.   Many of our sisters are gone nowRead full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Elizabeth Edwards Dies After Battle with Breast Cancer

We are very sadden by the news of Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of Presidential candidate John Edwards.  Elizabeth Edwards discovered her diagnosis after John lost his bid for vice presidency.   After going through treatment, the doctors told her she was in remission, but at the start her husband’s 2008 presidential campaign Edwards discovered the cancer returned and spread.

Remember, Mrs. Edwards had discovered her husband having an affair with another woman and had a child with her.  Their troubled marriage seemed as though it caused her sickness to get worse.  We hope John made up for the affair before her death. In February of this year, 2010, it was reported he proposed to his mistress and offered to buy her a $3.5 million dollar beach house, see here.

Women In Unity: Surviving Breast Cancer While Obscuring The Truth

breast_cancer_month_octoberBreast cancer is a spiritual matter just like any other disease, so if you are not a spiritual individual, please do not waste your time reading this article.  For this reason,  we must first deal with our spirits, before we can begin to heal.  This article is not saying that all women disrespect each other, but there is a high number of women who think nothing of verbally insulting or humiliating another woman, for what ever reason and we must begin search inside our souls to see, if there are things we may have said or done to cause women not to be in unity.  Many women who have died may have been the sweetest spirits.  There are many women who are dying of breast cancer who are very sweet; however, for many women who have been guilty of not being sweet spirits toward other women have only helped breast cancer to spread at an alarming rate.

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