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Why Dress Code Is So Important In God’s Church and Body of Christ?

Nowadays, you have ministers who do not believe in the scripture that says, ‘Let everything be done decently and in order’(1 Corinthians 14:40), that means everything must be structured in a holy way, because if it is not, then righteousness is not in the minds, hearts and souls within the body of Christ.   That particular scripture goes along with everything we do as children of our Most High God.  In this age of the church, there are so many marriages breaking up, lusts are on the minds of the preachers and within their congregations.   We have never seen so many marriages breaking up among bishops, pastors, evangelists and their wives, first ladies of God’s House.  There has been too much distraction from God in the sanctuaries and it has a lot to do with the way a lot of women and men dress.  God is saying now it is time for change and women like Mary Mary should not be ruling the body of Christ any longer.

J. Moss Past Alleged Confession As A Sex Symbol In The Gospel Music Industry Caused Extreme Carnality

Here at AT2W, time and time again, we have informed you of God’s warning for the church.   We did not want to go back and bring a report that was settled in court, but a tipster sent us this link that revealed Moss thinking of himself as a sex symbol who never made any apologies to the body of Christ for doing so.   Why should he? Simply, because there are no sex symbols, there should not be any in the body of Christ and it should have never been discussed.  Moss and a host of others should be more of an example than stooping down to a worldly status as a sex symbol. His past narcissistic thoughts of himself has caused extreme carnality since his interview in 2009.  Although, the church has already been carnal and many gospel artists have not conducted themselves in a holy fashion, according to God’s Word for many years, God did not need anymore distraction with followers and fans of J. Moss to also be conceded to think of themselves as sex symbols.   We may have heard interviews about his past affair and his alleged claim of being a  gospel music artist who drew fans through sexual attraction during his performances, but we did not hear of him making an apology of being a negative example to our youth, fathers and even ministers who may admire him.

Former President Bill Clinton Turns Back on DOMA and Now Approves Gay Marriage

Bill Clinton Approves Marriage Equality- AT2W- Photo Courtesy of

Former President Bill Clinton Turns Back on DOMA and Now Approves Gay Marriage

While in office, former President Bill Clinton was against gay (homosexual) marriage. In fact, he signed the Defense of Marriage Act. In the 1990’s, Clinton was totally against gay marriage and the illegal union of  same sex relationships.

We are not surprised that he along with so many pastors, politicians and the like are now agreeing that same sex relationships and marriage has received their ‘stamp of approval’. Bill Clinton has given into what a part of society is fighting for and calling it ‘human rights’.

President Obama and Biden’s Pro Gay Remarks Endangers The True Body of Christ in 2012

After realizing President Barack Obama is willing to bargain his soul to win votes from the gay and lesbian community in 2010, it is obvious he is definitely endangering the body of Christ.  Joe Biden just made a recent remark, ‘Homosexual Marriage is Inevitable‘, which condones same sex civil unions which not only divides matrimony under God’s law, but it is also sending out a clear message to true born again believers within the black church to make a decision to either vote based on race or based on what God says about homosexuality.   It is definitely time to turn away from the black community who is not willing to be righteous, but only focus on race.    As true born again believers, we are taught not to agree on sin, so we need to reconsider who should lead this country, whether black or white.

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