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Black Women be very careful in high steep places: New York tourist fell to her death down waterfall in Puerto Rico

Bronx resident, Kenah Huggins went on trip to Puerto Rico with friends and while there, she toured the waterfall in a tropical rain forest. 

She was posing for pictures and accidentally slipped and fell to her death.  We just want to forewarn you sisters to be very careful while sightseeing and posing for photos in high places.  This is not the first time, we have heard of people accidentally falling to their deaths.   Allegedly, there have been several incidents in Niagara Falls.   Too many people try to enjoy the beauty…Read full article, here.


Baby sitter charged with felony child abuse of 3-year-old boy: Is This Black Woman Guilty or the Parents?

The parents, including this babysitter, 24-year-old Zakiyyah Williams in the above photo were all arrested for the alleged abuse of a 3-year-old boy.  

This young woman’s sisters spoke out on the news in defense of their sister, claiming she is innocent.   We wonder if it is possible that the father or mother…Read full article, here.



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Woman allegedly tries to sell baby on Craigslist: Black Women Learn To Place Your Child Up for Adoption For Someone to Love Your Baby

Remember this, no recession or having a lack of income could ever be a reason for giving up a child you carried for 9 months, then endured painful labor.   We do not think all of our sisters would do a thing like this, but if we are not hearing about mothers abusing and killing their children, then they are giving them away, most of the time.  

We as black women of all ages should ask God to anoint how we think.   If you have children, ask yourself, ‘would I want my mother to give me away on Craigslist or any other way?’   This Dallas woman…Read full article, here.

Why Are a Lot of Black Women Raising Gays Sons?

One of the main reasons why a lot of black women have been raising gay sons for many years, is simply because some of them are infatuated with having gay men as their close friends.   During the era of the 1970’s until now, we did a study and noticed many women having a mutual spiritual connection with gay men in their households, even the married ones.

Although, many of them claimed they did not agree with homosexuality, they spent much of their time with gay black men.  For many years, some black women have enjoyed the company of gay men…Read full article, here.

Single Black Women: How To Deal With Your Daughters Who Say They are Lesbians

This is an issue we need to discuss, since many children are being allegedly brainwashed by our modern day society that condones homosexuality.   Single black women, we know you maybe dealing with both of your daughters and sons whom may think they are gay, but since some girls have a really hard time dealing with their identity being feminine, if you remain busy all the time, they were touched by one of your ‘in the closet’ lesbian friends or maybe they are just in the household with all brothers in the house, we choose to deal with them first.  

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson Advises Black Women to Stay Single: This ‘So-Call Man of God Is a Disgrace to the Humanity of African Americans and Church Leadership

First and foremost, as black women we should be in outrage, regarding Pastor Jomo K. Johnson’s new book coming out in June that advises us to remain single.  Respectively, our response to Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is this, ‘become a naturally born black woman before you tell us to stay single.’  After all, it took a black woman to give him birth.  Why would he write anything like this?   It is extremely offensive and since he allegedly mentioned many black women attend his church, we hope they make up in their minds to be strong and leave, because Johnson does not deserve to be the Sheppard over their souls.   This “so-call” man of God is a disgrace to church leadership and should not have the position as pastor over any church.   Black women and black men are divided as much as it is.  Therefore, this statement is very emotionally painful to read.   Furthermore, he mentioned his church…Read full article, here.

Video: Young Black Women Maybe Dead: Search for Abducted Hamtramck Women Leads to Detroit Park

This sudden news is so sad, dear sisters.  These two missing black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown could be dead, buried somewhere in a Detroit park, according to the latest report.  Not far from Detroit’s Eliza Howell Park is where police found the burned car, now it has been allegedly said these two young black women are buried there.   Violence against black women seems to never stop and the more many of our dear sisters are murdered, the more division there is within our race of African Americans.  Some may ask what is the answer?  As we have told you all along, the answer is Jesus Christ.   As African Americans, men, women, boys and girls, it is time for us to repent in unity and let God know we are sorry for whatever we have done to offend Him in our lives.   This is the only way unity will ever exist among not only black women, but also everyone else within our race of people.   There is too much hatred among not only black men against black women, but many black women fail to love each other, even if we are strangers.   God is the only One who can remove the hatred among African Americans, which is no different than the hatred that the white supremacists have for us.

We are living in such a spiritual warfare, it is no longer about whites and Latinos hating our race, but for many years, black people have killed each other.  In this particular case involving these two black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were both living upright lives.  They both were college students and had dreams of having long term careers as nurses.   All because Conaway allegedly did not want nothing more than a friendship…Read full article, here.

Black Women Let’s Not Take From Our Ex-Husbands: Woman Steals Estranged Husband’s Identity

This case of this black woman stealing her estranged husband’s identity concerns us, because as a race of women we should be beyond using our ex-husband’s identity for any reason.   Although, many of our us may not have reached a high income bracket, we should not choose to forged anyone’s name on a legal document, so that we can afford to live in a home that does not belong to us.  We should have so much pride about ourselves, we would not even think of doing a thing like this, but obviously it was different for Alice Harrison, 43, who did previously purchased a home with her ex-husband, but forged his name to remove him from the deed, so she could own it, alone.  She may have had a right because she was once his wife, but according to the law, no one can forged their name on any document for any reason.

Sisters listen, we may feel we are entitled to what we may have once shared with our ex-husband, but we must do right.   In God’s eyes, he would desire for us to handle it, according to the law and that would mean wait until what the judge entitles for us to have in the divorce settlement.  In a divorce settlement, it could mean we may not get a home or car…Read full article, here.

Black Women Be Cautious Meeting With Your Ex: Angry Husband Shot Unarmed Ex-Wife, After Ramming Her With His Car

Melissa Bridgewater lost her life, after meeting up with her ex-husband Jerry Hudson, 51.  He must have been insanely jealous she was staying at a $240-a-night hotel on New Year’s Day in 2010 with her new boyfriend.  Hudson seemed to had been harassed Melissa by calling her 20 times in over an hour’s time before he rammed her with his car and murdered her.   If you have previously read our blog, you can recall us forewarning you about being very cautious about the relationships in your life.  Of course, this case teaches us something even more, although you may choose to move on with your life, you still need to be cautious and think before making a decision to meet with your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.   You do not know what sort of demon maybe controlling him to take your life, especially if you are involved with another man.   The Lord wants us to seek Him, after we make a wise decision to leave a violent man who could be possessed with a demon of murder.

As followers of Jesus Christ, God wants us to be wise to never meet up with someone we used to be in a relationship with, if we have moved on with another man.   There are too many black women whom are no longer here, because they have made the wrong decision to communicate with someone they claim to no longer have feelings for.   God understands we make mistakes in our lives and the husbands we choose may not be according to his will…Read full article, here.
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Black Women Should Find Other Options: Mother Arrested For Stealing Education For Her Son

This is not the first time we have heard of black mothers arrested for placing their children in schools out of the area from where they reside.   However, usually they do not call it stealing education, usually they are arrested for just what it is, placing their child in a school outside of their residential area.   We cannot understand why this is so serious, but it seems as though they are trying to find a reason to arrest black women.   In this specific case, Tanya McDowell is also facing charges for selling crack cocaine and marijuana.  So, as we recognize, although she has done wrong as a drug dealer she still wanted her child to be in a better environment.  She took the plea deal, because of it.

We can understand black women who want better for their children, although we can never support them as drug dealers.   It seems like Tanya McDowell wants better for her child, but yet she allegedly does not have good morals and values for herself as a mother.   It is bad enough a lot of black men yield to dealing drugs, but Lord knows, what will our children do when their mothers are gone?   Black women must find other options.   Specifically for Tanya McDowell’s situation of being accused of stealing education…Read full article, here

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