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Leslie Rainer, Blanche Ely Teacher, Suspended For Calling Student ‘Little Chocolate Boy’, ‘Chocolate Nobody Wanted': Why Are Many Black Women Racist Against Their Race

We know this is a previous case before the one in Seattle; however, we are just now finding out about it and had to submit this report.  We cannot allow Leslie Rainer to get off the hook, because as you can see in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, racial discrimination has not ceased, although we have become very diverse, especially in interracial marriages.  It is so obvious why many generations of black children grow up feeling insecure, because of their skin shade.  Many of them no doubt caught this racism while in their mother’s wombs.  Why is it we cannot get past this issue?  It has got to be an evil genetic gene and no different than the evil of white supremacists whom do not like the entire race of black people, it just hurts much worse when your own race hates you for being black.  In the other case, involving the Seattle Superintendent, Ethelda Burke, she allegedly insulted five grown people.  In this case, involving school teacher, Leslie Rainer, she allegedly insulted a student.   Although, she claims the student was a relative, why would she make those remarks to anyone she is related to?   This means it could have been much worse, her family maybe racist against black people and may not like themselves.

Many times, it is the African Americans with dark skin whom hate dark skin people whom possess the same shade as themselves, not all the time light skin African Americans.  Therefore, if we are yet experiencing racial discrimination from other races…Read full article, here.

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