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Preachers In The Black Church Deceiving Young Black Boys Into Homosexuality

Originally posted: Nov. 11, 2011

The demon of perversion has took dominion among our youth for too long.   Specifically, the reason why many young black men grow up not capable to becoming good fathers and husbands is simply, because of many preachers who have deceived them.   Many black preachers who are in the closet as homosexuals are husbands (to women) and fathers who preach against homosexuality almost ever Sunday.   Why do they do it?   To hide their own spirit of perversion.   They think God will not see their mischief when they are indulging in homosexuality in their private time away from the pulpit, the wife and kids.   However, let us assure you this is why so many black preachers back in the early days mysteriously died of AIDS, all because they got caught up in sin, allegedly.  

Alleged Satanic Preacher of the Illuminati, Bishop T. D. Jakes

Bishop T. D. Jakes was once a small time preacher in the Apostolic church, but when he began taking the position as a pastor, then bishop, he started to want fame and fortune, it was not necessarily his focus to save souls for Jesus Christ, anymore.  Bishop T. D. Jakes and his wife Serita are living off of millions of dollars, because they sold their souls to Satan.  They are the representation of what was written in the book of Revelation, God said in the last days His house would become the church of Satan and unfortunately, many black preachers who got greedy for more wealth yearned to be like white preachers on national television and they discovered what they did to get more wealthy, they sold their soul to Satan.  On this video we discovered on You Tube, we see that Bishop T. D. Jakes has been bold enough to do a 666 A OK sign and the baphomet horn sign, in a 30 second span of time.

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