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What’s Going On With Black Women and Can We Blame Them for It?

What’s Going On With Black Women and Can We Blame Them for It?

We found this video on one of our Facebook friend’s page and we agree with what the maker of the Youtube is stating.

The points she makes about ratchetness, baby mamas, single mothers, lesbianism and the ‘freakiness’ factor. She doesn’t just get down on the black woman today. She talks about the black men as well.

Take a listen and see what you think about her ideas on the subject:

Black Women teach young black men; Frankfort Square woman abducted at gunpoint

frankfort square woman abducted at gunpoint

Sisters, this 68 year old woman who lives in the suburban area of Chicago in Frankfort Square was abducted at gunpoint by three young black men.

You know how history allegedly reveals we are the mother of civilization? It’s time for us to own up to it and encourage young black men in our families…Read full article, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women


Update: Candlelight vigil held for Detroit Tameria Greene who was fatally stabbed

Sisters, this is an update, regarding Tamaria Greene who would have turned 9 years old today.

This young girl was fatally stabbed to death, but her mother allegedly says it occurred when she was making a sandwichAlthough neighbors claim she was not a…Read full article and watch video, here.


Source: Souls of Black Women


Black women, Detroit Mother in police custody, after 9 year old stabbed to death

Sisters, this hurts us so much to give you this news, but we must discuss this ongoing problem among some black women. 

Now, in this specific case in Detroit, there were a few nearby neighbors who claimed 26-year-old Semeria Greene was negligent when it came to caring about her children.   One of the neighbors allegedly admitted Greene…Read full article and watch video, here.


Source: Souls of Black Women

Source and Photo:

Black Women Inspire Us: Be Happy, Persevere, Fight Fear and Be Successful

happy black women inspiring quotes

Photo: Madam noire

Black Women Who Know How to Be Happy, Persevere, Fight Fear and Be Successful 

We found a wonderful website about and for black women. It encourages black women in many aspects including:

  • Personal Development
  • Motivation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Self care
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

So, we wanted to share a bit of positivity with you from the Happy Black Women website in hopes you will be encouraged along with us. Let’s take a look at some quotes from black women in the areas of happiness, perseverance, fear and success. We want to thank them for encouraging us.

Black Women: Responsible for All Job Gains in the African-American Community?

Black women job gains in Sept. 2012

Black Women: Responsible for All Job Gains in the African-American Community?

One report says black women are ‘doing it for themselves’ when it comes to geting back into the workforce during our struggling job market. We can report to that black women are leading the way in the new jobs created in the black community.

Read report below:

Why Are a Lot of Black Women Raising Gays Sons?

One of the main reasons why a lot of black women have been raising gay sons for many years, is simply because some of them are infatuated with having gay men as their close friends.   During the era of the 1970’s until now, we did a study and noticed many women having a mutual spiritual connection with gay men in their households, even the married ones.

Although, many of them claimed they did not agree with homosexuality, they spent much of their time with gay black men.  For many years, some black women have enjoyed the company of gay men…Read full article, here.

Single Black Women: How To Deal With Your Daughters Who Say They are Lesbians

This is an issue we need to discuss, since many children are being allegedly brainwashed by our modern day society that condones homosexuality.   Single black women, we know you maybe dealing with both of your daughters and sons whom may think they are gay, but since some girls have a really hard time dealing with their identity being feminine, if you remain busy all the time, they were touched by one of your ‘in the closet’ lesbian friends or maybe they are just in the household with all brothers in the house, we choose to deal with them first.  

How Do Christians Deal with Abstinence and Possible Sex Outside of Marriage?

Purity in the church

Photo courtesy of

How Do Christians Deal with Abstinence and Possible Sex Outside of Marriage?

This is a bigger issue than many think. We commend those who make the conscious decision to abstain from sex before marriage but in reality it is a challenge. We can say that it can be done with prayer, fasting and a commitment to God.
Take a look at what Ebony Magazine and their report on the issue:
Many Christian youths who signed abstinence pledges or wore purity rings reach a crossroad as young adults. They are faced with upholding Biblical principles against sex outside of marriage during an era when the average age of first marriage creeps toward 30. Celibacy may be even tougher for singles who have splashed around in the pool of fornication long before dedicating their lives to Christ. More are asking, “Am I really condemning my soul to eternal damnation by getting my freak on Saturday night and praising the Lord on Sunday morning?” As many as 80 percent of young unmarried Christians have had sex, according to Relevant, a magazine for Christians aged 18 to 30.
Even as they uphold abstinence as ideal, religious leaders can no longer ignore the elephant in the sanctuary. From a newsletter published by pastor Creflo Dollar: “There was a time when … marriage was honored and respected … and sexual relationships outside of marriage were certainly not accepted as the norm. However, times have changed … values have moved away from the standard of God’s Word because of selfishness.” Last year’s Jumping the Broom, produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes, opened with Paula Patton’s character regretting her decision to have casual sex the night before. The romcom portrays her finding true love and deciding with her fiancé to abstain until their wedding day. It was Jakes’ decision to include the morning-after scene, Patton told The Christian Post. “We make mistakes, but the goal is to become better [people].”
Read the entire report at Ebony Magazine

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson Advises Black Women to Stay Single: This ‘So-Call Man of God Is a Disgrace to the Humanity of African Americans and Church Leadership

First and foremost, as black women we should be in outrage, regarding Pastor Jomo K. Johnson’s new book coming out in June that advises us to remain single.  Respectively, our response to Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is this, ‘become a naturally born black woman before you tell us to stay single.’  After all, it took a black woman to give him birth.  Why would he write anything like this?   It is extremely offensive and since he allegedly mentioned many black women attend his church, we hope they make up in their minds to be strong and leave, because Johnson does not deserve to be the Sheppard over their souls.   This “so-call” man of God is a disgrace to church leadership and should not have the position as pastor over any church.   Black women and black men are divided as much as it is.  Therefore, this statement is very emotionally painful to read.   Furthermore, he mentioned his church…Read full article, here.

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