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Gospel Artist Tina Campbell Talks New Book, New Solo Album and Her Journey to Forgiveness

Tina Campbell opens up about her new gospel album, new book and the process of forgiveness. 

We can always learn something from someone who’s been through hard trials in life and we assume her book and album…Read full article, here.


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Could God Be Forewarning Gospel artist, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary Through Stroke Scare?

For too many years, some gospel artists have passed on from various diseases. 

Many times, it was because some of them did not eat right, but other times it was because of the way they lived in their personal lives.  Now today, we question could it be because God is not pleased with some of them…Read full article, here.


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Gospel Music Was Only Intended to Be A Ministry to Reach Lost Souls, Not for Fame and Fortune

kirk franklin unholy dancing to gospel music

Gospel Music Was Only Intended to Be A Ministry to Reach Lost Souls, Not for Fame and Fortune

Originally posted on Oct. 30, 2011

The King’s Men, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and Israel: Are they salesmen or just reaching souls for Jesus Christ?

The King’s Men, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and Israel: Are they salesmen or just reaching souls for Jesus Christ?

Now, we would like you to look at the title of this article, very close.  It allegedly seems like there are some well-known gospel artists starting groups these days, to allegedly earn extra money.   It is time for gospel artists to get together and create gospel music…Read full article, here.


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Gospel Music artists can you welcome the Holy Ghost like Rev. Louis Overstreet???

Real gospel music stirs the soul and makes you enter into another realm where the Holy Ghost is controlling the atmosphere, you are not doing it yourself.  
This is what has been lost in most black churches and even at most gospel concerts today, the anointing of the Holy Ghost moving from the gospel artist to the people whom cannot stop praising God, because the supernatural presence is so strong.   Back in the era of Rev. Louis Overstreet, there was no such thing as…Read full article, here.

Videos: Donnie McClurkin’s TBN interview with gospel artist Mary Mary reveals rebellion against sacred gospel music

First and foremost, we would like to inform you why we may not see Pastor Donnie McClurkin out publicly denouncing gay marriage during this nation’s controversy against the true saints of God. 

Now, we see why he seems to be allegedly remaining silent on the issue of gay marriage, along with many other gospel artists whom are afraid to stand up for Jesus Christ, but instead support our first (bi-racial) black president.   If you watch this following video, you will see Donnie McClurkin have a discussion on TBN with Mary Mary allegedly revealing the spirit of…Read full article, here.

Man tells the Truth About Hip Hop Gospel Music: Spirit of Rebellion and Deception

Sisters and brothers in Christ, we want you to pay close attention to this man’s testimony.  He has not only worked in the secular music industry, but also the gospel music industry.  
He made a lot of money in both industries and reveals…Read full article, here.

Gospel Music Artists Sensere Moving into Soulful Sound of Future Worship

This new gospel group Sensere reminds us of the Temptations, but in a Godly fashion, they are all clean cut, wearing nice suits and all harmonize to their tune, ‘Got Jesus.’ 
Their style is so much better than what we hear today among various Praise and Worship artists in the gospel music industry.   They don’t look or sound like…Read full artists, here.

Are You Living For God or The Gospel Music Industry?

Originally posted on August 28, 2011

You know our staff had to discuss the issue of ignorant people who will defend what is wrong and oppose what is right in the eyes of God.    To be holy and righteous is a beautiful thing and when you worship God with all of your heart, mind and soul, you can comprehend how that feels.   However, the sad thing is this, many fans of today’s gospel music which was created under the demon of carnality idolize gospel artists instead of worshiping God.   They do not want to follow God, but would rather follow those who claim to love God, but they are not serving Him.   They appear as harlots and thugs while negatively influencing young generations to look like them, which steers them away from properly representing God’s Kingdom- decently and in order. I Corinthians 14:40 says, Let all things be done decently and in order,’ and we cannot argue with the Word of God   They rebel and will blast God-fearing saints on a Sunday about forewarning the gospel music industry about their disobedience to God.

American Gospel Artists Should Oppose Homosexuality In Their Songs Like ‘The Angels’ in Ghana

The spirit of homosexuality is trying to dominate across the world, not just in America and this is why we have already informed you, God is holding gospel music artists responsible for not publicly denouncing homosexuality.

As we mentioned in our previous article, ‘God Expects For Gospel Music Artists to Start a Coalition Against Same Sex Marriage’, God is expecting for a coalition against  gay marriage to begin among gospel artists whom claim to be born again Christians.   Read full article, here.

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