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AT2W Flashback: Black Church Adultery in the Pulpit

One of the best stories of 2012.
Originally posted on November 9, 2012:
Saints of God, this is a shame this first lady has to open up on national TV to Iyanla, but her husband has evidently hurt her too much and she is tired of it. 
Allegedly, he claims to have had affairs with about 10 different women in his church, then with 10 more outside of the church, then allegedly he had a baby with a married woman.   SCR readers, it is one thing for us to be upset with all of the homosexuality that seem just to not go away…Read full article, here.
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Black Church News: Will we ever hear Michael Whitsey’s Good sermons again?

After hearing one of Michael Whitsey’s good sermons, at his, we wonder how such a man of God’s Word could go back to selling drugs? 

It seems like this former pastor had a good handful of church members and saying all the good things people need to hear. Pastor Whitsey had an…Read full article, here.


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Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith on Westboro Baptist Church & All Other Denominational Religions

On this following video, Pastor Tony smith talks about how there are false religions taught in certain denominations. 
Some of these denominations have been around for many years, since…Read full article, here.

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Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith Response to Women allegedly Sleeping with men like Prophet Brian Carn

We would like to thank Pastor Tony Smith for sending us this video, simply because some women in the (black) church and some popular preachers have not been right.

Now you may think Pastor Tony Smith is a bit too harsh on this following video, but really, saints of God, no other preacher…Read full article and watch video, here.


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Stone Mountain Church Rapist Gets 2 Life Sentences and 115 Years

John Carver get life for church rape

Stone Mountain Church Rapist Gets 2 Life Sentences and 115 Years

John Russell Carver, 51, pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including rape, armed robbery, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, burglary and possession of a knife during commission of a felony, according to Erik Burton in the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office.

It was a Saturday afternoon on Feb. 26, 2011 when Carver boldly knocked on the door of St. Timothy United Methodist Church on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain, Ga. in Dekalb County. Apparently, when he asked for help, the woman who opened the door was beaten, stomped in the head and raped by this man.

COGIC Only Cares About Money: Delaware Bishop Faces Theft Charge of $4 Million Dollars

It such a shame whenever there has been a sex scandal in the nation’s largest Pentecostal denomination, the Church of God in Christ does not want investigate, but whenever there has been stolen funds, they want to raise hell.  Again, our journalists are bringing up another issue, regarding this denomination, because they seem to have fallen away from the truth and their founder’s (late Bishop Charles Mason) teaching, “it’s either holiness or hell.” It seems like the only time, we hear of an angry response from the head bishop, is when money has been stolen by one of their own preachers in the pulpit.  Bishop Charles Blake is no different than Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, ignoring sexual molestation complaints and only responding to theft cases.  We do not like the hypocrisy of COGIC and truly wish they would close their entire organization.  Isn’t it awfully strange for COGIC to forgive sexual pedophiles among their church officials, but will make sure this man spends time in prison over stealing millions of dollars, Bishop Thomas Holsey (pictured with his wife)? Bishop Holsey is their worst enemy, because he supposedly stole their money, but he would be okay if he was an in the closet homosexual who messes with children and rapes women.

Guaranteed Perdiction: Pulpit Pimps of Mega Ministries Will Fade Out

In this era, we not only face a recession, but we are witnessing massive changes among Pulpit Pimps and all of those expensive gifts like buying each other a Bentley they will no longer be able to afford.   It is the mega ministries who have been able to hold onto their church buildings because they are millionaires, but other ministers who were not so rich lost their churches in this recession.  However, these pulpit pimps of mega ministries are losing their followers because of their own sins and scandals are leaking out, nationwide and souls who are tired of their secret double lifestyles are not going to continue to give money because of it.   Many followers of these pulpit pimps are suffering too much in this recession and they do not have time for games.   The millions these multi-million dollar ministries are used to receiving will come to a halt, because their followers are in need a real message to assist them in their personal crisis.  These pulpit pimps have not been able to help people, not just because their churches are too big, but they have their own problems and scandalous secrets have become news all over the world.  Because these pulpit pimps wanted to be celebrities and live like them, they are paying for it and people who have listened to them are turning away and are no longer willing to give them that honor as celebrities, but they are no more than pulpit pimps who are still trying to demand money from people who do not possess it while America is in a financial crisis and lacking employment.

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