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Black Church News: Bishop Larry Trotter diagnosed with prostate cancer

Bishop Larry Trotter has announced to his followers his doctor has diagnosed him with prostate cancer. 

As you know, he had lost a lot of weight due to his diet, but now we are hearing the news of him…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Video: Black Church, Pastor Tony Smith Talks About Bishop Larry Trotter in bathtub with Granddaughter

We are so glad Pastor Tony Smith has shared his honest thoughts about Bishop Larry Trotter being in the bathtub with his granddaughter.  

One of our journalists contacted him and requested if he would discuss his honest opinion and indeed he did so on these two following videos.  We wish there were more real black men…Read full article and watch videos, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: The Way of the God of The Lord Jesus

Bishop Larry Trotter Leads March Against Violence in Chicago: Why can’t other pastors within the black church join him across the nation?

Bishop Larry Trotter, pastor of Sweet Holy Spirit Church is courageously stepping up against crime in the city of Chicago. 
This is what we need in every city where hundreds of homicide occur every year, we need pastors like Bishop Larry Trotter to go out and pray in the streets and rebuke demonic forces.   Years ago when pastors were more seasoned in the black church, they were not concerned about being the next biggest celebrity preacher, but they believed…Read full article, here.
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Bishop Randy White and Bishop Larry Trotter Reveal the Wealth of Mega Ministries Is Not Worth It

Both Bishop Larry Trotter and Bishop Randy White have revealed the stress of overseeing a mega ministry.   They both have been very successful in attracting floods of people to their congregations over the years, but today neither one are revealing ultimate health and happiness.  Tell us, what is blessings of wealth, if you are not happy or not in good health?  It is very frightening to see the church world of mega ministries in the 21st century, no longer do we see the glamor of gaining wealth behind the pulpit, but we witness so many broken marriages, tragedies and diseases taking dominion.   In years to come, mega ministries will fade out, because people who are truly hungry for God will discover they must show a difference between the secular world and the church, they will realize all the money and prestige in the pulpit may not be in favor in the eyes of God and they will go back to realizing there are too many famous ministers fading out.

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