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Black Church News: Bishop Eddie Long brings High School Football Team to Jesus Christ

We think it’s wonderful to finally hear positive news of Bishop Eddie Long bringing these high school football players to Jesus Christ. 

Many of you recall negative news, previously of Bishop Long allegedly being accused of…Read full article, here.

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Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith Talks About Bishop Eddie Long, Centino Kemp and Sisterhood TV Show

Pastor Tony Smith is being truthful again to us, this time about Centino Kemp allegedly writing about his previous lustful affair with Bishop Eddie Long, allegedly.  

Of course, we have not read the book, ‘The First Lady’ ourselves, but …Read full article, here.
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Update: Caregiver faces child cruelty charge in case of kidnapped girl at Bishop Long’s church campus

Rhonda Rivers has been arrested in the case of Myrai Robinson who was kidnapped on the church campus of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. 

Now, the 2-year-old girl Rivers was babysitting was stolen when she went into Bishop Eddie L. Long’s Family Life Center and left her out in the van, supposedly to run an errand for a few minutes.  However, on the…Read full article, here.

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Missing 2-year-old girl at Bishop Long’s Family Life Center found safe at Lithonia High School

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Thank God Myrai Robinson has been found, a woman spotted the van and immediately called police.  

If you read our previous article, the woman who was babysitting her stepped inside the fitness center where…Read full article, here.


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Audio: Did Bishop Eddie Long Say God’s People Are Too Sin Conscious? Judgement Will Be Upon Some Christians, Acccording To Mary K. Baxter’s Testimony

This last Sunday, we happened to overhear Bishop Eddie Long allegedly say something we did not agree with.  On this following audio clip, you will hear him say “we (church people?) have become so sin conscious we are running folks away from the church.”  In our opinion, the church is not sin conscious enough and many church leaders are leading them into eternal hell by allowing them act similar to the world, when the Word of God told us to not follow the ways of the world in I John 2:15 and then in I Peter 1:16, it told us to be holy.  In our opinion, there is are not enough ministers preaching about sin and the body of Christ has become to carnal.  Although, we yet believe Bishop Eddie Long was once used by God in prophecy, we still must tell the truth about what we do not agree with.  It is a danger that Bishop Eddie Long is preaching this following message as though he really believes it.   So often, we have heard many people whom have died and came back to life admit there are many Christians burning in hell, if it was not for murder, a pastor stealing through tithes and…Read full article, here.

3 Killed, 2 Injured in Oklahoma Shootings: Bishop Eddie Long Allegedly Prophesied About History of Racial Discrimination Against Blacks

Although, Bishop Eddie Long got caught up in a previous sex scandal, we must be honest about how God once used him to prophesy about what was to come against African Americans, if they did not totally submit themselves to God.  His prophecy was caught on a video series called, ‘There Remains A lot of Land to Possess’.  This was recorded around year 2001 when Bishop Eddie Long moved his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist into a new facility.  God really used Bishop Eddie Long at one time and we must reveal the truth here at Sanctified Church Revolution blog, regardless of what alleged sexual affairs was against him.   God had spoken to Bishop Eddie Long about the rebellion of African Americans and he forewarned African Americans, if they did not obey and serve God, in about 8 years, they would face such racial discrimination similar to during the times of Dr. Martin Luther King and we are now witnessing his prophecy coming to past in 2012.   Furthermore, we want to say, we pray Bishop Eddie Long goes back to his spiritual roots and really allow God to use him in a time such as this one, because if God used Him back then to forewarn black people, He can certainly use Him now.   This is a time we need true prophets whom are living upright in complete holiness to guide black people into a lifestyle of righteousness.   Although, we highly respect how God once used Bishop Eddie Long to forewarn African Americans, we do not think hip-hop gospel or christian rock will be strong enough to fight demons of racial discrimination.

Lately, we have seen rallies across the country in memory…Read full article, here.

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Bishop Eddie Long Divorce Dismissed Without Prejudice, Say Court Documents

Bishop Long and Vanessa Long Divorce Dismissed

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Bishop Eddie Long Divorce ‘Dismissed Without Prejudice’, Say Court Documents

Anyone surprised? If the documents are in fact true, then here we go: If she’s comfortable being with a man whose preyed on young teen boys and God’s know what else, more power to her. What a shame!

Read report from Christian Post:

The divorce case between Georgia megachurch pastor Eddie Long and wife Vanessa Long has been closed and dismissed, according to the DeKalb County Online Judicial System. However, there remains a possibility the case could continue in the future.

Watch Video: Line Between Megachurch and Eddie Long’s Estate is Blurry, Part 2

This is a continuation of our previous report, Line Between Megachurch and Eddie Long’s Estate is Blurry, Part 1, we revealed alleged report regarding Bishop Eddie Long’s empire.   Channel 2 in Atlanta also shared how his ministry refuses to reveal annual audits of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s financial records, which could also reveal how much money has been spent for Bishop Eddie Long’s lavish lifestyle.    His financial records may be known to the public, when and if he and First Lady Vanessa Long get a divorce.

Line Between Megachurch and Eddie Long’s Estate is Blurry, Lately-Part 1

According to Atlanta channel 2, Bishop Eddie long’s empire seems to be on the way to dwindling away.   Since the filed lawsuits from various young men who accused Bishop Long of sexual misconduct and his wife’s alleged file for divorce, there seems to be documented sources that reveal the future does not look as great as the past.   Allegedly, his staff refuses to reveal their annual audit for the tithes, offerings and love gifts given to the ministry.

Bishop Eddie Long Apologizes to Jewish Group After Torah Ceremony: Could He Still Apologize to His Alleged Victims?

It shocks us that Bishop Eddie Long would suddenly apologize to a Jewish group and not to his alleged victims.  There were too many accusations against him for those who paid a lot of money for his CD’s, DVD’s and books not to hear him apology to his alleged victims.   We wonder how Bishop Eddie Long’s alleged victims feel, after hearing he was so quick to apologize to a Jewish group, he offended through a ceremony that appeared to crown him as a king, but will not stand before the nation to apologize for the distraction, he allegedly caused within the Kingdom of God and along with allegedly offending these young men.  Okay, we did hear New Birth spokesperson’s alleged claim on this following video that Bishop Eddie Long was not crowned king, but ‘the presentation of the Scroll of Torah was to a man who had given his life to the Lord and had given so much to his church’.  Really?  Then why did the Rabbi Ralph Messer say these words: ”He is a king. God’s blessed him. He’s a humble man, but in him is kingship, royalty,”