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  • Guaranteed Perdiction: Pulpit Pimps of Mega Ministries Will Fade Out

    Guaranteed Perdiction: Pulpit Pimps of Mega Ministries Will Fade Out

    In this era, we not only face a recession, but we are witnessing massive changes among Pulpit Pimps and all of those expensive gifts like buying each other a Bentley they will no longer be able to afford.   It is the mega ministries who have been able to hold onto their church buildings because they are millionaires, but other ministers who were not so rich lost their churches in this recession.  However, these pulpit pimps of mega ministries are losing their followers because of their own sins and scandals are leaking out, nationwide and souls who are tired of their secret double lifestyles are not going to continue to give money because of it.   Many followers of these pulpit pimps are suffering too much in this recession and they do not have time for games.   The millions these multi-million dollar ministries are used to receiving will come to a halt, because their followers are in need a real message to assist them in their personal crisis.  These pulpit pimps have not been able to help people, not just because their churches are too big, but they have their own problems and scandalous secrets have become news all over the world.  Because these pulpit pimps wanted to be celebrities and live like them, they are paying for it and people who have listened to them are turning away and are no longer willing to give them that honor as celebrities, but they are no more than pulpit pimps who are still trying to demand money from people who do not possess it while America is in a financial crisis and lacking employment.