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An Angry Visitor Responds to Our Article Regarding Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Gospel of Inclusion

A few months ago, an angry guest responded to our article, Evidence That Bishop Carlton Pearson Is Wrong About Inclusion”. We assumed it was First Lady Gina Pearson, Bishop Carlton Pearson himself or just an addicted follower of his new church in Chicago, Illinois, Christ Universal Temple.  The person never gave a name, but they sounded so personal, shouting in words that they did not appreciate us pointing out Bishop Carlton Pearson acting so arrogant on the video our journalists revealed.   Then, they typed repeatedly, “you’re arrogant!  Who are you calling arrogant!   How dare you go against the Gospel of Inclusion!  How dare you say you love God and believe in hell!”  The response was so immature, we decided not to give them any press.   However, our round table of journalists decided to bring up the subject again, because if someone was that angry, this means that Bishop Carlton Pearson is being worshiped as though he is the Messiah, when really all he is, is a replica of Rev. Jim Jones, the so-called man of God who poisoned over 900 people with Kool-Aid, after taking them to Guyana.  It is very insane that a person responds as if Bishop Carlton Pearson has the last say and all of the scriptures that reveal fire and brimstone is irrelevant and obsolete when it comes to preaching God’s Word.

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