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Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Life Story Coming out On Film

We wonder if there would have been a life story about Bishop Carlton Pearson if he would not have turned to the Gospel of Inclusion?

However, it is going to be very interesting to see the life story of Pearson.  Why? Simply, because there are…Read full article, here.




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Bishop Carlton Pearson Says He would not apologize or be ashamed of being a Homosexual

Now, we are not going to waste a lot of time on Bishop Carlton Pearson, for this reason, his allegedly re-probated. 

Don’t be shocked saints of God, because once he told the nation that there is no hell or no Devil, he made God very angry.   Therefore, he is…Read full article, here.


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Why Has Bishop Carlton Pearson Been Allowed to Have Church At Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park?

Now, we cannot understand how Bishop William Ellis could allow Bishop Carlton Pearson to have such services in at At Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, since he and his family have a long legacy among this historical preachers of the apostolic denomination.  They have been a well-respected family whom allegedly believe in Oneness, that is, being baptized in Jesus name in order to be completely saved and also Jesus is God, allegedly.  We know Bishop William Ellis is too intelligent not to know Bishop Carlton Pearson has turned away from the truth, teaching the gospel of Inclusion.   As you know, the false gospel is a myth that allegedly teaches you do not need Jesus Christ to get to the cross and also all sinners are saved and can make it to heaven without repentance.  Allegedly, this is what Bishop Carlton Pearson has stated on national television.   We as true followers of Christ should have nothing to do with this man, pray for him, but to allow him to fellowship in a church that has been of holiness for many years is really not right in the eyes of God.
Let us give you more information, we allegedly heard Bishop Carlton Pearson allegedly say, there is no Devil nor is there a hell.  Now, we know Bishop William Ellis knows about the gospel of Inclusion which was discussed on national television with Bishop Carlton Pearson claiming without a doubt he is teaching the truth.   Dear readers, we had seen Bishop Carlton Pearson…Read full article, here.

Watch Video: A Professor Saw Hell, A Place Bishop Carlton Pearson Claims Does Not Exist While Attracting Many Chicago Followers

It’s so strange what we had seen when we visited Bishop Carlton Pearson’s website.   One of our journalists named Liz informed us that Bishop Carlton Pearson seems to be leading a new cult in Chicago, Illinois.   Liz is one of our head journalists who does reports on black church scandals.   She happened to noticed the photos on his website that reveal many black people who appear to be following their “Moses”.   She brought up the topic of the mentality of many average African Americans who sadly think they need a Moses to lead them, but the sickness of the mind is that they are willing to follow popular leaders instead of completely following Jesus Christ while completely following the Word of God.   Liz brought up this issue before our staff members at, because she felt we must continue to discuss this issue of the gospel of Inclusion, which is already leading many souls among the black community, including those among various nationalities into eternal hell and damnation.

Gospel Singer Byron Cage Records Album for False Teachings Church, Christ Universal Temple

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We found a website that featured gospel singer Byron Cage, who is known as the ‘Prince of Praise’, just recorded his 7th album. The recording of his album was not an issue for us but where he chose to record it raised red flags.

The announcement and flyer featured at Gospel Lyfe website, showed Byron Cage to have his live recording at founder Johnnie Coleman’s church, Christ Universal Temple in Chicago. Well if you do not know who Johnnie Coleman is, we will provide an excerpt from our prior article:  “Christ Universal Temple Leading Down the Same Path as Bishop Carlton Pearson?”. Also, Gospel of Inclusion’s follower Bishop Carlton Pearson was the former pastor of Christ Universal Temple and somehow their teachings along with his did not mesh- go figure.

Is The Church Now Accepting Carlton Pearson’s Gospel of Inclusion?

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Is The Church Now Accepting Carlton Pearson’s Gospel of Inclusion?

We found out that Bishop Carlton Pearson is ‘gay affirming’ Oral Robert’s grandson Randy Roberts Potts  and his ‘coming out’ experience. Of course, if you know anything about his doctrine ‘the gospel of inclusion’, you’d know that it includes everyone and that hell does not exist. So, Bishop Pearson thinks that homosexuals and that anyone, even in sin, can make it to heaven.

Man Who Died Three Times In Coma Went To Hell vs. Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Gospel of Inclusion

As we have told you before, we have been scheduled to inform you about those who have experienced going to hell while Bishop Carlton Pearson, along with Rob Bell, Jay Baker, Tonex and other false prophets continue to spread one of the most popular lies for Satan, there is no hell and everybody goes to heaven and even those gay affirming preachers who insult God that homosexuals can even go, Bishop Yvette Flunder and her deceased mentor, the late Bishop Walter Hawkins and many other gay affirming ministers who used to preach against homosexuality until President Barack Obama announced his affirmation for same sex marriage and his support for gays and lesbians.  In times past, when some of us were little kids over thirty years ago, we used to hear our parents say, ‘we’re living in an evil day’, they could not even imagine what wickedness we witness in this era of the 21st century.  Also, in our past history we witnessed much strife between whites and blacks, nowadays, descendents of slaves and slave masters and even those who were brought up in the Pentecostal movement are luring people away from the Word of God which teaches us that there is a hell for sinners, if they do not repent.  Matthew Botsford did not believe in God or even the existence of hell until he was shot in the back of his head and died three times. “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Rob Bell Should Listen To Mary Kay Baxter’s Visit to Hell for 30 Nights

Like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Rob Bell, overseer of Mars Hill Church is going to get the scariest shock, after death. While these two new age philosophers try to sway souls away from righteousness, Mary K. Baxter tells a different story of how Jesus Christ took her on a thirty night tour to hell and only ten night tour to heaven. When Mary K. Baxter went to hell, she witnessed various stories of people pleading with Jesus to let them out of hell, particularly pastors who misled people and taught false gospels. There are stories of ministers who were placed in their own eternal hell in extreme misery while flipping the pages of a fake Bible, because they did not teach the Word of God, accurately.  Therefore, this author of Love Wins maybe popular for not preaching what is  in the Holy Bible, but one of these days, he will regret he did so and he will be like those ministers Mary K. Baxter saw pleading to escape eternal damnation.

Christ Universal Temple Leading Down the Same Path as Bishop Carlton Pearson?

Thanks to one of our readers, we were informed about Johnnie Colemon, the founder of Christ Universal Temple’s false doctrine, which is just as dangerous as Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Gospel of Inclusion. So dangerous, now we can understand why Bishop Pearson could not understand why more than a thousand of their members were on strike when he became the interim pastor of Christ Universal Temple. We had no idea about her teachings until a few of our journalists were alarmed by an email sent by one of our readers who was so kind to break down certain points of Colem0n’s doctrine. In our prior articles, regarding Bishop Carlton Pearson taking over Christ Universal Temple, we focused more on his beliefs, but had no idea, allegedly, how much his doctrine had in common with the doctrine of retired founder and senior pastor, Johnnie Colemon left behind for her followers and it is also a gospel that is against Jesus Christ: “…Colemon was quoted in an Ebony interview that Jesus died for himself, not us, in so many words and she also believes in reincarnation…” which was quoted by our anonymous reader and we thank this person for this information.

Bishop Carlton Pearson Steps Down From Christ Universal Temple

Bishop Carlton Pearson Steps Down From Christ Universal Temple

Listen to AT2W Podcast Episode 2

After almost two years, on Sunday, Bishop Carlton Pearson has resigned from his position as pastor of Christ Universal Temple, which was founded by Johnnie Coleman. Pearson was asked to step down to make room for someone to lead the congregation who is used of the usual teachings taught by Johnnie Coleman.  The majority of the congregation said Pearson lacked theological training to teach their New Thought church.   Of course, Pearson was trying to broadened his Gospel of Inclusion, which claims Muslims, Buddhists and homosexuals will make it into the Kingdom of God.  This was no interest to the congregation of Christ Universal Temple.   They wanted to hear Coleman’s style of teaching and that is the Bible’s principles on healing, positive thinking and meditation.

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