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Why Has Bishop Carlton Pearson Been Allowed to Have Church At Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park?

Now, we cannot understand how Bishop William Ellis could allow Bishop Carlton Pearson to have such services in at At Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, since he and his family have a long legacy among this historical preachers of the apostolic denomination.  They have been a well-respected family whom allegedly believe in Oneness, that is, being baptized in Jesus name in order to be completely saved and also Jesus is God, allegedly.  We know Bishop William Ellis is too intelligent not to know Bishop Carlton Pearson has turned away from the truth, teaching the gospel of Inclusion.   As you know, the false gospel is a myth that allegedly teaches you do not need Jesus Christ to get to the cross and also all sinners are saved and can make it to heaven without repentance.  Allegedly, this is what Bishop Carlton Pearson has stated on national television.   We as true followers of Christ should have nothing to do with this man, pray for him, but to allow him to fellowship in a church that has been of holiness for many years is really not right in the eyes of God.
Let us give you more information, we allegedly heard Bishop Carlton Pearson allegedly say, there is no Devil nor is there a hell.  Now, we know Bishop William Ellis knows about the gospel of Inclusion which was discussed on national television with Bishop Carlton Pearson claiming without a doubt he is teaching the truth.   Dear readers, we had seen Bishop Carlton Pearson…Read full article, here.

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