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  • Marcus & Michelle Shrenker, The Millionaire Dream of Cocktail Cove

    Marcus & Michelle Shrenker, The Millionaire Dream of Cocktail Cove

    marcus_shrenker2058cocktail_cove_indianapolisInstantly, the young couple, Marcus and Michelle Shrenker of  the prestigious Perdue University fell in love and often enjoyed long plane rides together.   Soon after graduation, Marcus started his career as an investor advisor.  At first Herald Wealth Management, Icon Group (supposedly located in Chicago, Indianapolis, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Dubai, London) then many other names of his financial empire.  Marcus Shrenker , the President and Financial Advisor of his own company was assisting people who earned millions of dollars and needed someone to manage their investments.   Marcus and Michelle Shrenker resided in a very rich suburban community, Cocktail Cove outside of Indianpolis. They enjoyed their lives as millionaires and among the residents of Cocktail Cove, they were one of the richest couples who enjoyed a lifestyle of luxurious wealth.  Cocktail Cove, a community of homes marcus_shrenker_michelle1321with hot tubs, pools and jacuzzis were the idea of any American’s couple’s dream.  Although the Shrenkers were among wealthy neighbors, they always wondered about their income.  They lived as though they made more money than everyone in their community.  They had several espensive cars, planes, yachts and often dressed in designer clothes.  Often showing off flying his plane over the homes of residents and at air shows, Marcus often attracted attention.  Was it for real or fake? How could a man who seemed so smart and brilliant not only fake his own death, but a lifestyle of riches?