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Pastors Impregnate Many Women Among Their Church Congregation and Don’t Care About Their Children

This issue is nothing new, many whore-mongers who happened to be pastors impregnate many women and the children born out of wedlock grow up very hostile and bitter.   We have seen this occur in many holiness Pentecostal churches and possibly other various denominations.   Church members know about how these children are born, but they are silent until pushed to discuss it in private among their friends. 

Why Do Many Women in the Church Excuse Homosexuality?

Those of you who are truly saved and know Jesus Christ, have you ever wondered in your mind why  women who claim to know God excuse homosexuality?  The answer is so obvious, Eve.   From the earliest moment of time, Eve manipulated Adam to take a bite into the apple that God told Him not to bite and now we must endure all sorts of women of the 21st century who are still luring men into sin.  The hardest thing to accept is, many of these wicked women are in the church.  Some of these so-call saved women not only excuse homosexuality, they have a spirit of lesbianism, themselves, but-hide it as though they are righteous.   Not all women are guilty of excusing homosexuality and are idolizing gay flamboyant men in the church, but there are many and God wants them to stop their evil ways, before it is everlasting too late.  When Eve manipulated the mind of Adam to do wrong against God, she was prepared to do a work for Satan and bore many offspring of her evil spirit and this includes women who excuse homosexuality, regardless if the Bible says it is wrong.  Yes, in the 21st century, we have a lot of women in the church who support homosexuality and they are in trouble with God’s law.  

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