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  • 5 Famous Women Who Are Great Success Mentors For Women In Business

    5 Famous Women Who Are Great Success Mentors For Women In Business

    successful_woman_businessNever say you cannot do anything with the rest of your life. Do not look at how these women possibly got the finance to start their successful venture, but look at how had the confidence to succeed and not give up.  These women are famous, but are great examples for infamous women to admire.  A lot of times women who have struggled most or all of their lives do not see successful women who are popular as success mentors, simply because they may not have any money to launch their ideal business.  However, the key to success is to find someone who you admire who is successful, whether they are famous or not, and look at how they refused to give up.  Especially, in the certain low income communities, there are a lot of women who are bitter and too angry to listen to another successful woman, because they may not have ever prospered in their own life or had anyone to assist them.  If you have a husband, he may not support your vision, but you have to pursue your destiny.  Possibly, your husband is not supporting you, because he is also in debt, along with you.  However, your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur will come true, according to how bad you desire for it to become a reality.  Even if you are a single woman, you must find some way or some how to launch your ideal business venture, no matter how difficult it is on your way toward success. The question is, how bad do you want it? If you desire to become a wealthy entrepreneur, then you must learn how to avoid any female figures who you may come in contact with daily who maybe pessimistic about their own life.  In order to become an optimistic woman, you must believe in yourself and you are incapable of doing do, befriending the wrong people, even if they are your relatives, sometimes you must let them go, get them out of the way so you can become that ideal successful woman you were always meant to be.

  • Rev. Run is The Best Example of a Father For The African American Community

    Rev. Run is The Best Example of a Father For The African American Community

    rev_run_rundmcRev. Run (Joseph Simmons), younger brother of Russel Simmons was born Nov. 14, 1964.  He has revealed being an example of a great father on his family show, Run’s House.  He is happily and faithfully married to his wife, Justine.  Justine has her own line of jewelry, Brown Sugar.  Rev. Run fathers 5 beautiful children, Vanessa, Angela, JoJo (Joseph), Daniel and Miley; unfortunately, they lost their daughter Victoria Anne to a birth defect back in 2006, so they adopted their beautiful daughter, Miley.  Rev. Run is an executive of Phat Farm, the business of his brother Russel and Kimora Simmons.  He and along with his entire family has shown African American families can not only unite, but have a strong father to lead and guide them.  Unlike a lot of black men, Rev. Run has not been ashamed to identify himself as a black man, which could be the cause of a lot of failures among various black men of all ages.